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After Dieting,What?

I’m dieting for a month and I’ve lost 15 pounds or so.I’ll probably diet a month more and then be at 15 % body fat or a bit below.After I get as lean as I want how should I approach dieting?I’ll look to maintain my lean look,or lose even a bit more fat if possible(nothing spectacular,like 1-2 pounds per month),but gain a little bit of size in the meanwhile

At the moment I eat 2000 calories,with 150 grams of protein on the weekdays and 4000-5000 on the weekends with protein being at least 250 grams

Increase good fats in your diet like coconut oil nuts seeds and olive oil even butter could also used if its grass fed. New research says eat more healthy fat actually burns body fat effectively and beneficial for overall health.

I’ll give it a try.Thanks for the tip