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After CT DL Program?


I am just fininshing CT's deadlifting for stubby guys (my deadlift went up to 455 from 410). And I thinking about using the 21-day itch artical, which will put me about 80 days out from my next meet. I really want to use this time to work on my overhead strength, and sandbag/strongman work. Is the 21-day itch program too much right after a deadlift cycle? Personally I feel fine and am very motovated, so I think I can handle it.


I like Charles' article and feel that this program is suitable for your case. I recommend performing 1 week of low-volume "bodybuilding" training before starting out with Charles' program. I even recommend taking 2-3 days off at the end of that week. And don't perform deadlifts or squats during that week.


Monday: Quads/hamstrings/shoulders
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: Chest/upper back
Thursday: Biceps/triceps
Friday: OFF
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF
Monday: Start Charles' program.


Great gains BTW, 45-60lbs seems to be the norm.