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After bulking...

After reading “the keep dieting or is time for me to bulk” thread, I got to thinking, how long do people do at least maintenance after bulking?

Also, how long after a MAg-10 cycle should you do maintenance? I seem to remember Bill Roberts saying a week would be the minimum, but that seems pretty short.

Any thoughts?

Normally after a bulking cycle (especially one involving an androgen) I eat slightly above my [new] maintenance caloric level for at least 3 weeks.

At the 3 week mark I drop calories to maintenance for about 2 weeks, and then start dipping lower as I will begin trying to shed some of the fat I tend to gain when bulking.

My training is maintenance/strength oriented for at least 4 weeks. What happens after that is heavily dependent on the amount of fat I’ve gained. If I’m a super-chunk, I may do something like Meltdown, but if I’m still relatively lean, I just add in some cardio and evaluate my training goals.

After lots of mass lost post-bulking due jumping on the cutting wagon too early, I’ve learned to walk the Path of Patience. Following this method, I am able to have a great bulking cycle and hold onto all of my mass before I start cutting.

Of course, the entire plan would change if you decided to throw in an androgen to help you on your dieting cycle.

After that

Roman you forgot to mention a key to your plans… babies… The other food group, and the secret to being hyooge “roman” style.

“The Path of Patience” by John Roman

Chapter 1

Whenst thou bulks…

I like the thinking there JR. I know alot of time people jump into a cutting cycle way too quickly (I’m right near the top of that list) and it’s hard to learn the path. I always like seeing how other people maintain their mass, but I think most of yours was due to Incredible Hulk cereal, so I don’t know it it really counts.

I also like JR’s recommendations.

Personally, I give it at least a month to solidify my gains. Just FYI.