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After Basketball

i was thinking of doing this for 4-8 weeks after the basketball season is over. It is similar to the SS model, but a little different. What do you think?

Days one and three:
Front Squat (5X5) (I would back squat, but I have a shoulder injury)
DB bench (5X5 on day one, 4X3 on day 3)
Power cleans (5X3)
Chin ups?a total of 25

Day 2:
Speed Front Squats at 65% (8X3)
DB press (5X5)
DL (2X5)
Dips (25 total)

If its shit, let me know. This is my first attempt at program design so, let me know what you think.


I don’t know about this. I’d follow something tried and tested, which has had results.

I’d recommend any athlete to check out DeFranco’s westside for skinny bastards.

[quote]OooahhhCANTONA wrote:
I don’t know about this. I’d follow something tried and tested, which has had results.

I wouldnt listen to this. Results to whom? How was his diet?
Time training? Objectives?

The same questions apply to you!

I’m training during the off season for basketball as well. I’m doing bill starr 5x5, to try and get my power clean and squat up before summer, maybe you should try that, or another system that has credentials or w/e.

whats the deal with your shoulder. what level do you play at? how often do you practice/play during the week. and most importantly, what are you trying to improve?

I am unsure at this point what is wrong with my shoulder; the physical therapist who I went to see was not particularly helpful.

I play at the high school level

Now that the season is over, I will have practice for AAU one day a week, I am still uncertain as to what day, and games on Saturday and/or Sunday.

My first goal is to improve strength, but at the same time an increase in rate of force would be nice (thus the emphasis on power cleans and a day of speed squats.) I want to be able to dunk next season so anything that would increase the likelihood of this would be exceptional.

I will post my numbers tomorrow after I go to the gym. I have not been since the season began.

A squat of 300 by the summer, I was 240ish before the season, is also a goal.
Also a bench of 225, before season 175, and a DL of 350, before season 300 would be nice. I had not gained anything on my bench for almost 6 months at the start of the season.

ok, well get a 2nd opinion on the shoulder, you definately want to get that taken care of, or at least know whats going on with it.

Now if you’re practicing on your own 3 or 4 times a week(which should be the #1 priority) You’re going to want to maximize the time you spend lifting, so you won’t be doing the same things as someone who is just looking to get bigger or stronger.

Since I assume you already play ball often, you want to increase the power you can exert. squats and deads will help your vertical and your speed much more then plyos at this point. Check these links out, they’ll point you in the right direction.