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After Back Injury?

I had lower back injury (overuse probably, didn’s see a doc, just sport rehabilitantt) and I am doing rehabilitation right now. I feel good if I am activ. 2 days on the cauch and my pain comes back. Sometime I feel slight pain in my knees, but that’s no t that bad…

Now, I would like to get back into training. My hierarchy of goals is as follows:

  1. very strong core to prevent back problems;
  2. powerfull body. I have less strength than speed, so this is what I shoul concentrate on first.
  3. Gain weight. To look good naked I need about 15 more lbs of muscle and few 5

OK, so do you guys have any good routine concentraining on building strong core (structural muscles), powefull (strong) body, without stressing the spine?

In my disposition I have a bench, weights, straight bar and dumbells, pull up bar, reverse hyper machine.


Start with lots of lunges, bulgarian squats, step ups, front squats, reverse hypers, front and side pillars. After a month, start to work back into back squats, deadlifts, good mornings, bent over rows, t-bar rows, etc.

If you want power, speed pulls and squats or the use of accomodating resistance (bands, chains) would serve you well, so would power cleans and snatches from the hang and jump squats. Obviously you can do any horizontal or vertical press and any vertical pull you want without risking back injury.