After athletic pendulum

Hey guys, just finished up CT’s pendulum training. REALLY happy with my results so far, combined with my sprint work I ave started to get into real good shape for this coming rugby season. Anyways, I was wondering whether or not I should do it again, or switch to something else as my season starts in 2 weeks??

Tell us about your results.
I’m sure everyone would love to know about them…

Yours; Tears.

In two weeks you should try to allow your muscles to recover maximally while priming the CNS. Read up on part III of my mutation series, I dexcribe a short CNS peaking plan (which I used at the end of my “bodybuilding” training to regain my strength and power).

Thx CT. I’ll start that tonight. also, when would you recommend I do my sprint training?? I was doing it 3 times a week on the off-lifting days. After doing the training outlined in part1 of Mutation Series 3, should I do part 2?? or switch to a new program?

Tears, I’ll post my results after I workout tonight.