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After ABBH1 and ABBH2

Just looking for some feedback, advice and rating on how I am doing after completing ABBH 1 (Chad Waterbury’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program) and just about a week left on ABBH 2. I plan on taking a week off after ABBH2 and then continue with the TBT (Total Body Training).

Background: Some of you might remember me from my previous postings when I started a program I coined 6P40 Quest. The program main goal is to have a 6 pack by the time I turn 40 years old (January 18, 2008).

I have since adapted John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition Program, followed Nutrient Timing Book’s recomendations on timing my nutrients intake, and have been doing workout routines from Chad Waterbury’s book “Muscle Revolution”.

My current supplementations are as follows: Metabolic Drive Low-Carb, Surge, Flameout, BCAA, MV, ZMA, and Greens pus. I take in above my maintenance calories about 2400 to 2600 calories. My current weight is 128.5 lbs. with about 7 to 8 percent BF percentage.

Pictures below are from April 1, and 15, 2008
P.S. Please excuse the bad pose, I tried my best.


Back Spread

Back double bicep

Most mascular




The begining - October 01, 2007

October 1, 2007

October 1, 2007

Advise needed about lower back pain - I have been suffering from a lower back pain in the last 7 days. I think it started about a day or two after doing my last deadlift exercise. I did not experienced any sharp pain or pain at all during my last deadlift exercise, the pain started a day or two after.

Since then I have not been able to do any exercises that hurts my lower back. I saw a Chiropractor yesterday and he took an X-Ray and will discuss with me the results on Monday. He does not think it is anything spine related. I think it is just a strained lower back muscle. It is worst in the morning and a bit better in the afternoon. It hurts a lot when I sneeze. Lucky me, my alergies just flared up in the last week or so.

With one week left on ABBH2, should I start my planned 1 week rest early to have a good chance of full recovery by the time I start TBT? or Should I continue working out and substitute exercise that hurts my lower back? I thanks you in advance for any advise


Well if your aim was to get a six pack you did OK with that but not great.

You did not have a great deal of abdo fat in october anyway so I think you could have done a lot better from that start point.

If your avatar picture is up to date then you look a lot closer to your goals in that pic.

You look good for 40 though I thought you looked about 20ish!

you can see yourself from the picture that you could do with paying attention to other body parts now you have acheived your 6 pack goal (just)

Too early for posting pics, bro. You’re 128 lbs??? Even for 5’5" and lean, that seems very light.
And about the lower back pain, its probably a pulled muscle. I used to get it while deadlifting and barbell hack squats.

EDIT: YOu definitely look like you’re in your 20’s. Good work. You may need some more work to mass up a little though.

You get a 4.2

Your quads get a zero.

5’5", 128.5 lbs. (bare weight)

[quote]flipboyca818 wrote:
5’5", 128.5 lbs. (bare weight)[/quote]

Damn that is light, I did not notice your weight, I am 5’4" and 180. You look heavier than 128

You look like a typical active pinoy kid (yes, I visit the Phillipines occassionally).
Not a bad thing for your age at all, its almost like you found the fountain of youth, lol.
but as far as bodybuilding, you need some more muscle, youngblood.

What are your goals? what was your progress with ABBH? Are you trying to gain size and strength? A lot of PNers get carried away with macro percentages and a boatload of supplements and don;t focus on the basics.

Either way, youre in a good place. Eat and lift and the mass will come, Chad has a whole year’s worth of traning programs focussed on a variety of goals to my knowledge.
Bring up your arms and upper back, traps, chest, legs…well, the usual.

And 2400 to 2600 cals a day is some serious eating for your body weight. If you keep that up for a year no telling how much progress you can make.

Thanks for the feedback so far folks…I had a link to a graph that showed my Body Composition Trends and workout chart while doing ABBH1 and 2. The moderators deleted the posting, they don’t like it when you post external links.

I created a JPG file from the graph (see above).