After a Squat Rack and Weights (UK)

Hey everyone, im after a squat rack and an olympic barbell + around 170kg of weight, something like this would be ideal

but its pretty expensive and im fairly skint at the moment. Anyone know of any decent brands of squat racks/ cages? What attracts me to the powertec one is that it also has pullup and dip stations but with the added cost of weights it would prob come to over £500.

Also anyone know where i can get olympic barbell + weights for a decent price? i live in the UK and i dont particularly want to spend a shitload shipping stuff but any suggestions would be great

This is watsons gym equipment. prob best in the land. Also trap bars, cambered bars, log bars, chains.

Hope this helps

Slowly slowly.

Mate… check out

stick up a post with what your looking… regurally i see stuff like old weights bench, or my ex husbands weights etc etc… its all free aslong as you go and collect. so you might be able to get some of the stuff your looking from here and buy what you cant. its worth a look.

ive got a 2 piece suit of furniture for my student flat for a 24 pound rental of a van to go get it. and my mates pretty much built himself a half decent computer from picking up every single computer that comes avaible and using parts.


Thanks for the input guys, anyone else?

Ok iv come across this:





for £312 you can get a 145kg of plates plus an olympic bar

to be honest tho it looks pretty flimsy, anyone got one of these? doesnt say the max weight it can take…?

These folks:

have quite a range of stuff. Their showroom in Northampton is worth a visit … not that I’ve actually bought anything from them yet.

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Try as well, it’s like freecycle, loads of second hand stuff for really cheap.

You just have to go and collect it. I’ve seen squat racks on there before, and Olympic bars with weights, etc.

Just make sure you hire a van.


craigslist must have a uk version, no?

[quote]yogaroots wrote:
craigslist must have a uk version, no?[/quote]

Yes they do, just go to the local one for your city/town, you should be able to find stuff there as well.

Good call yoga.


ok iv just found a second hand olympic bar + 150kg for £80 so i can afford a more expensive power rack. Id really like this one

but £312 + p&p is a little too expensive. I have found the same rack on some american websites for $499 (about £255) with free p&p but im unsure whether they ship to the UK (and if delivery will still be free)
these are the sites

Check this out, brand new squat rack starting at £99 going up to £140.

There’s a lot more on the site for cheaper.