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After a Clean Bulk

I just completed a clean bulk. What do you think? Believe me, the abs are still there. My goal is to someday grace the cover of Men’s Health.

Im really feeling the old timey vibe.

Did you get that done at one of those booths at six flags?

You’re so big it’s non-functional.

Clearly that extra apple a day added some extra weight to your face. The face does not need all that extra muscle just to eat, its just not functional.

Screw the “V” taper. I’m really digging the “i” taper.

I bet you can do a lot of Pull-Ups unlike those bodybuilders with their pulldown machines

[quote]fightingtiger wrote:

Did you get that done at one of those booths at six flags?[/quote]

You can’t build a body like this in a booth at six flags. I just pulled the photo off the internet.

All joking aside. This may be lame, but was an attempt to put down all the bullshit that seems to be proliferating T-Nation. There are very knowledgable people that post here and I have been helped immensely.

Although there now seems to be a different philosophy that is taking over. One of which mediocrity is king. Getting down to a single digit bf. level without building a base underneath is not much of an accomplishment. After all this is a bodybuilding site. Or is it?
rant over/