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After 915 Programs?

Hola CT, im now doing your 915 program ! I really like it, but i have one question : When i will done this program should i do a bodybuilding phase if we can call it like that for 3-4 weeks ? What did you do after this programs because its really hard for the nervous system !!

And one more question, if i want to get leaner with the BB phase what should i do ? superset, triple, giant ? Do you have an example ?

After that im gonna hit your superheros program for 6 weeks ( the classic summer training )

thank youuu ctt !! see ya

Yes do something more like a bodybuilding program afterwards. 4-6 weeks is perfect.

As for your leaning out question… DO NOT use your lifting program to get lean. Use your diet and metcon/energy system work/cardio to get leaner. Use lifting to maintain or add muscle while losing fat.

one of my friend doing example : 4x6 squat, but in his rest he was doing 40 full speed at intensity 7 and 20 secs rest, 3 time in a bike !! is that a good idea or i will lost muscle and strenght ?

Well before your superheros i wanna calm my nervous system and wanna start fat loss, what is the first option in your mind ?