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After 8 Months TRT, Bloodwork. Donate or Not?

After 8 month on testosterone First Test.
First of all i would Like to say hello and Thank you for this informative Forum.
I Hope you all dont mind my Not sooo good english.

I have started taking testosterone 8 month ago. I started with a blast of 500 mg test for 10 weeks and went with 250 mg every week since then. Self Meditation since i am living in Germany and trt here is from another Galaxy. Doctors Tell you to Shut the **** Up and leave. Haha…however…

I have never had symptoms of high hematocrit and to ne honest i felt extremely good on 250 mg Test. I Take 1/4 arimidex every second day. I also take 1 Baby Aspirin every day since i dont do much Lab Test.
Just to be sure the blood is thin.
I have never donated blood on those 8 months.

The labors in Germany dont do sensitive tests for estrogene. So you are like a blinde bird flying around when its about adjusting your arimidex Dose.
But i have a good Feeling when its too high.
Morning Wood, bloating, and the Overall mood.

now i need some experts to help me with my little Problem.
As i said i have made a Test to See where my hematocrit and hemoglobin and palelets are.
Also wanted to Check my Cholesterin.

Hemoglobin: 16,8. Reference: 13,1 - 16,8
Hematocrit:. 0,49. Reference: 0,38- 0,49
Palelets. :. 142. Reference: 150-361
HDL. 43
Ldl. 89

I am 39 years old and blood pressure: 120/80 and pulse 65-70.

The labor doctor told it Looks good. My palelets could be a Bit More high He told me.

For me the Most important things was hematocrit since in the US trt people really care about it.

I used to do heavy heavy Steroid cycles 15 years ago. And hematocrit while on steroids is not a big thing here in europe. Its a normal thing that it elevates on Test. But people usually dont care about it. I have many Friends who are on blasts since 10_15 years with cruise doses on at least 500 mg Test and hgh etc. And hematocrit was never an issued. Doctors Look at the whole blood Test to see if its Dangerous or Not. Anyway…

Ok! What do you Guys think should i donate blood. I was thinking about 250-350 ml blood to reduce the hematocrit.
As i said i am in Test since 8 month and hematocrit is Not over the range.
But i am Planing to cycke again in 6-8 weeks.
So better of i donate. I dont want to loose Iron since my palelets are under the range. Does IT make sence to donate with that palelets Count???


Nobody there to help me???

The dosages you’re taking isn’t considered a replacement dose, it’s purely to build muscle. There aren’t many who can handle a 200mg dose, most eventually experience high hematocrit over time along with elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate and high RBC. Your dosage is way too high for your body to handle as you’re just only finding out. Look into phlebotomy as this is more effective than donating blood and is a must for some on TRT. I would think about the long term health issues running this must test will eventually do to your body once it’s had enough, I see guys in here everyday suffering because their body couldn’t handle it anymore and now their life is hell. Their HPTA is ruined and no amount of TRT will fix it!

High hematocrit levels are not something you feel, but can lead to blood clots and strokes. You are on a relatively high dose of Test, so it is not surprising your levels are high. I am on 150mg/week and donate blood 3-4 times a year to control my levels. A blood donation will tend to lower the levels a few percentage points. You should probably find out why your platelets are low prior to donating, however, as this can be caused by another condition.

Of course, another option is to lower your test dose.

My hematocrit is in the range as you can See above
My platelets are 142 less than range.
Still donate blood?
And you think i should reduce the dosage to 200 mg??

Hemoglobin: 16,8. Reference: 13,1 - 16,8
Hematocrit:. 0,49. Reference: 0,38- 0,49
Palelets. :. 142. Reference: 150-361
HDL. 43
Ldl. 89

And lets say i reduce the dosage from 250 to 200 mg. When should i do blood work to See where my Test Levels are? I Werk after incetjon?

Any reccomendations?!?

Always 4-6 weeks as this is how long it takes our bodies to stabilize.