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After 7 Months of Diet and Gym


Hi Guys,
obviously I know there is still a lot of work to be done but let me know what you think (mainly if my progress is "average").

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of me be "posing" before starting (not too flattering for myself) but this is how I am now. I started in March so it has been less than 8 months.

I'm 6'3 and went from 313lbs to 253lbs.

Today at the gym I lifted:
biceps 4x10 40 lbs
chest press 3x10 150 lbs
shoulder press 4x8 140 lbs
lat machine 3x10 150 lbs
triceps 3x10 150 lbs
(the first rep is usually 5-10lbs lighter)

My routine is warmup (bicycle), lifting and then cardio at least 3 times a week.

let me know, I'm extremely open to suggestions/comments!

PS I know that my right bicep is still larger (due to the years of tennis...).


First off congrats on weight loss..but gonna need to know some more about u eg. what is ur target weight what is ur final goal etc...

its also hard to judge progress without before pics but soon these pics will be ur before pics...

also im going to guess ur progress (as far as muscle gain not weight loss is concerned) has been less than average judging by ur routine which is god awful.. start searching the site for routines immediately because u def need a new one... do u do any leg work? I dont say this to be a dick i say this because it seems like ur dedicated u just dont really have the proper knowledge so id like to see u use ur time more efficiently

also what does biceps and triceps mean.. there are lots and lots of biceps and triceps exercises... triceps 3x10 150 lbs tells me nothing


well, at the beginning i was doing 75 (in the areas where now its 150) and 25 for the biceps.

I know I should have more variety...
for biceps i do the normal dumbells and triceps i do the pull down.

There are hundreds of routines and workout i find. could you suggest "one"?

Concerning my goal, 220lbs of weight and "fit" body, I would say. I dont have goals concerning lifting... Should I?


Well first nice job on the 'progress' yet this is rate my physique so I gave you low score. Keep up the good progress though.


I would actually recommend a full body workout three days a week with cardio on another 2-3 days... check out some of Waterbury's stuff

Check out Waterbury method this should be a goo dworkout to both build muscle and lose weight because it gives u a chance to do cardio on the in between days.... as a formally skinny giy who is bulking up im not in the same boat as u i know less about attaining ur goals...

perhaps someone else could chime in

anyway i would immediately start on something like the Waterbury method because it is simple and will show u a generally good structure for creating workouts... in the mean time i suggest u start reading articles here and try to get an idea of what might work better for u possibly recreate ur own program (while still doing Waterbury's) annd post it for critiquing

i gotta go to class now so ill see if i can get u think later but read these articles
Thibs beginner articles part 1 and 2
Thibs how to design a damn good program part one and 2... these articles are invaluable



ron jeremy?


Great job on the weight loss!

You still get a 1, though, since this is "rate my physique" not "rate my physique compared to my alledged prior physique."


Agree with the above - a lot done more to do


Hi there, "Jack The Tank" :slight_smile:

Do yourself a favour, purchase a few sets of light dumbbells (i.e. 4kg, 7.5kg, 10kg).

Next you should perform Tabata thrusters and clean & press 2-3 times a day (so morning and night, and throw in lunch if you're feeling keen). Do this everyday, a session only takes 4mins.

Instructions for Tabata method can be found on this site (search "tabata"), but long story short, perform either the dumbbell thruster or clean & press for 8 sets of 20 seconds aiming to do as many reps as possible, with 10 seconds rest between sets, takes 4mins total to do.

The next part to the equation is fixing up your diet. You're fat, and lazy, and ok I don't hate you for the way you are, but you can at least try and help yourself by being able to identify what foods have carbohydrates in them, and not eat them, lol.

You should aim to have less then 20-30grams of carbohydrates a day. You can eat as much protein and essential fatty acids(healthy fat) as you like, but limit your carbohydrate intake to 20-30g a day.

Salad and cooked vegetebles are the exceptions to the carb rule - eat as much of them as you like when you're feeling hungry but if you're eating your fair share of protein and EFA's you really shouldn't be feeling hungry. Drink lots of water throughout the day as well - no softdrink, just lots of water, again it will also help fill you up if you're feeling hungry. Protein shakes are great for meal replacement or to sip on during the day - make sure you buy one that is at least >97% protein. To help get your healthy fat intake up look at buying some type of fish/flax seed oil, T-Nation sells a good one called Flameout.

Good luck to ya, fatty :wink:**


Good point on the Tabatas... but every day, 2 or 3 times?

Good point regarding carbs... but less than 20-30g every day?

Both sounds a little excessive to me.

Besides, simply limiting carbs without controlling overall calories doesn't make much sense. Any macronutrient in excess will be stored as fat. The only reasoning behind this I could think of is that by limiting carbs, the person would feel inclined to consume less food overall, perhaps because his favorite dishes are now 'off limits'.


Hi guys,
thanks a lot for the tips but please dont make this thread about nutrition. I know "a lot" about that so please keep it to workout related.
thanks again for the help,
keep it coming!

michael2507: lazy? You think getting rid of 60lbs in 7 months (and adding on A LOT of muscle; therefore much fat loss) is easy?


It wasn't me who made the lazy comment. The grey text is GHOSTrun's post I quoted.


Jack, couldn't agree more. A lazy person does not lose that kind of weight. There might still be lifestyle improvements, but who doesn't have those. You're a big guy, it will take a while to get/look lean. Keep on keeping on!


My thoughts exactly!


Bullshit. If you knew anything about nutrition you would know that diet is the key to your problem. You eat shit that's why you look like shit.

(Written by Markos aka "m&m")
The simple breakdown goes like this.Convert your bodyweight from kg to pounds by multiplying kg x 2.2046.

To gain weight eat 20 times your bodyweight in calories,ie 75kg x 2.2046 = 165lb x 20 =3300 calories.

To maintain is 15 times your bodyweight in calories ie 75kg x 2.2046 = 165lb x 15 =2475 calories.

To lose weight its 10 times your bodyweight ie 75kg x 2.2046 = 165lb x 10 1650 calories.

The macronutrient breakdown is 35% protein,50% fat and 15% carbohydrates.

Protein has 4 calories per gram,carb has 4 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram.

3300 calories = 1155 calories from protein = 288 grams,1650 calories from fat = 183 grams,495 calories from carbs = 123 grams.This breakdown is the same for all categories.Try and eat most of your carbs within 2 hours after your workout.Try and eat 6 meals per day.

After 6 weeks assess your diet and make adjustments,be honest with yourself in regards to missed meals and junk youve eaten.

The best carb sources are fruit and veg.The best fat sources are nuts,oils,avacado,fish oil tabs.The best protein sources are meat,eggs,chicken,fish,milk and whey protein powder.


Diet is the most important thing here, bro. You made a lot of progress and that shows your dedication. But at your initial condition (313 lbs at perhaps 40% body fat), a sub-par workout routine with weights and cardio, with ANY hypocaloric diet routine would still have given you good results.

In your current condition, since you're in MUCH better shape than when you started, and somewhat trained, you'll find that you may need to be careful about caloric intake, macros and supplementation to keep losing fat and maintain/build/avoid-losing-too-much LBM, particularly as you progress further. Why not post your typical daily diet here so the people can take a look at it?


GhostRUN, you do realize he's lost 60 pounds in 8 months, right? Obviously, he knows how to be in a caloric deficit.
Additionally, you don't even know what his diet is.
Try not to be such a dick.


I'm not sure a skinny ectomorph is in any position to rip this guy on the matter. He's lost 60 lbs, his workouts need help, but he's not lazy, he's looking for help, so relax dick.


The OP is clearly a lazy ass, he looks like a beer and fast food junkie shit. The fact that he claims a 60lbs fat loss whist also adding ALOT of muscle over the last 7 months on this crappy workout program is bullshit, I can't believe that some people are actually humouring this pathetic thread with encouraging comments.
Ask yourself this, if you finally decided to turn your fat ass lifestyle around and get into shape would you not take some before, during and after pictures and wait until you had actually something worthwhile showing to people before posting them on the net?


haha yeah..he lost 60lb's of muscle & fat lol lol lol. He is what you'd call skinny-fat (minimal muscle mass yet still overweight), the worst body type possible.

This is exactly my point, he will be another poor soul that surcomes to shit advice.

When dieting down the aim is get rid of the fat not muscle. He has posted nothing in the way of any nutritional knowledge yet claims he knows "alot".

There is 'weight loss' and there is 'fat loss'...go figure goochadamg+superthrustjon :wink: