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After 5x5?


Hey, ive been on Bill Starrs 5x5 program for a lil over a month now, and have stopped making gains, i was thinking maybe i should deload for a week, then come back and try it again?...what do you guys think about it, and i dont really know how easy to take it...but please input is welcomed....thanks


What are you after, strength gains or mass gains?


Are you a newbie? deload for a week then start again. If that doesn't work, try going 3x3

Can you send me the 5x5 by Bill Starr? I'm collecting different theories and concepts


I'd try higher reps for a bit, might be a good change.


your suppost to straight into a 3x3 template squatting only twice per week after 5x5

there are many other squat routines....


5x5 is a total of 25 reps @ about 80% 1RM, keep the same rep volume but change the structure and accomodate the intensity for example, do 3 weeks of 6x4, 4x6, 8x3, 3x8.
Look up Prilepin's chart and get an idea.




You need to change your exercise slightly every three weeks otherwise you will stagnate and eventually begin to loose strength and size because your bady adapts. You must keep it from adapting. Keep you total reps the same but change the amount of sets ex. 3x8, 4x6, 6x4, even 8x3, also change your stance slightly wider for 3 weeks, then slightly narrower for 3 weeks. Then start squatting off of different level boxes each week, and do pause squats(3 second pause at the bottom with no box) I have found that the best way for my legs to grow is to squat with a shoulder width stance, feet slightly turned out, and go ass to ankles. This is a true olympic squat and will help with your flexibility, and will strengthen your knees, and help you develope the teardrop on the inside of your thigh just above the knee. Be Hardcore!