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After 5 Years, New to Gear


I'm only 21, and I've been hitting quite a few plateau's in the past year so I've been considering turning to gear.

At my worst shape, I was around 260, 26+% bodyfat and I'm only 5'9. I'm currently 200 lb's, 17% bodyfat and can't seem to break past my current stats. I've tried changing around my diets, routine, carb cycling, etc. I've been pretty decent at changing my training, as I've gotten down a litte over 60 pounds and 10% bf.

For a first cycle, I was looking at Winstrol and Test Prop. 50mg winstrol daily and 150mg test prop every 3 days.

I've been reading AI/SERM Threads and I'm confused as to if I need either with this cycle, and if so, which AI or SERM?
Please don't answer me with posts such as "read this article" or "read that article" or "click this link", because in th end all I read and get linked to are a bunch of similar articles all arguining eachother's literature on the subject.

Bottom line, do I need to take anything while on a cycle like this? If so, what would you recommend and how would you dose it?
And for PCT, same as above.

Thanks for any help.




READ newbie cycle thread!!!


i've read every article thrice. i'm an aas idiot and feel like the more i read the more stoopider i get, lol. that being said if i have questions and felt i needed to ask i wouldn't be so eager to knock someone posting links to articles. i'd gladly click them, read them and then post that i needed help understanding them. i don't mean to offend you, OP. i just think, as a guys with only a few posts, we should be happy with any help we get from the experts. peace...


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you do not listen and its scary.
how can you be confused by the stickies, they are thoughtful,well laid out and informative.
I am possibly the most uneducated,ignorant hillbilly-ist fooker on these forums and I understand them perfectly.
I know you have no excuse besides being damned lazy.

and if you are confused then you DO NOT NEED GEAR.
if you cant understand the simple layout of these powerful drugs or what they do and do not do then you are endangering yourself by attempting to take these.

now listen ok?...

AI= aromataze inhibator I know (I cant spell, this stops an enzime from converting testosterone to estrogen

SERM= selective estrogen receptor modulator. this type of drug basicly plugs up the recptors in certian tissues stoping the estrogen from doing its job in them.

now you would use an AI to keep your test to estrogen ratio correct (more test than estro) becuase the more test you have the more estro you will have,its called homeostasis.

and you would use a serm either in pct when you have a rebound and your estrogen is higher or if you show sides in order to lessen the damage from the estrogen floating around.

now please read all you can and understand why,what dose and when to use these drugs

you dont "NEED" to use them as people in the past didnt have access to them and they got huge,but most of the exagerated sides being shown in the media are actually handled by the proper and responsible use of these drugs.

now this is not an easy way out, AAS is not a magic pill, if you cant make progress without it then you will not do any better with it.

you do not need test or winny,not now anyways you are the type of lazy and stupid fuck that has made a horrible name for AAS and makes it hard for the rest of us to get the drugs we NEED to live normal and productive lives

just remember whats normal to us is superhuman to you so please take it fwiw.

now please GTFO and read a damned book,eat some chicken and learn how to work out before you even come back here and post about this cycle you are planing.


Getting a link from someone with 4,000 posts to read a page by a real expert counts as getting help from one of the experts? Right...


Your another fuckin computer kiddy living up a big role playing game. You didn't do shit but define 2 things and talk a lot of shit.


You are more than welcomed to leave, if that is the attitude you are going to keep.


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Most people here have been really helpful. I'm new to this site but not to the "game". I've been on other forums and it's true, noobs love to ask a question that could have been answered had they taken the time to "search". Also, they'll be able to learn or discover something they didn't think of.

Please use the "search" function before asking questions. The newbie stickie on steroids is very helpful and for the most part, easy to understand.


i'd kinda assume the guy with 4,000 post posted the link cause he thought it would help. i'm just not ungratefull for whatever help one offers me. my post wasn't meant to be rude i just thought maybe YOU were going about it the wrong way. you sounded like you were a little combative to begin with. not neccessarily an effective way to ask for help...


Prop is shot ED.

AI and SERM are both needed (arimidex and tamoxifen for example)

you have done very little research.

You are not ready for AAS.