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After 4 Months of Bulking


OK, so I went from 181ish to about 207 in these pictures. It's not so much the upper body that I added on to, but my lower body exploded:

Chest: 40.5" to 43."
Arms: 15.75" to 17"
Hips: 38" to 42.25"
Thighs: 23.5" to 27.0"

I'll start off with a front double Bicep pose.
Here's a link to a fullsized version:

Here's a link to a front double Bicep before the bulk:


Side Legs...

Before bulk:


Back Double Bi

After bulk:

Before Bulk:


Back....I STILL do not get how to flex my lats. I cannot do it for the LIFE of me. I can bb row 275 lbs, I can deadlift 450 for 1, and still I can't figure out how to flare those things out. Bugs the shit out of me. I can see them in the mirror sometimes, but as soon as I notice them it's like they 'unflare'

After Bulk

Before Bulk


don't have a before of this one.


I think your problem is part pose and part anatomy. I can see some 'outer' lat development in the first pic, but it looks like that area could use some work. Do you do any vertical pulling or pressing? Rows build thickness, deadlifts really hit the traps and upper back. If you want that V shape you need to start hitting the pull ups and chin ups and possibly do some overhead pressing to widen your shoulders out a bit.


Hmm I do all those already. I do several sets of pullups per week. Throw in some chins sometimes. I also do overhead pressing 2 days/week.


I have no valuable input regarding your physique. However, I do appreciate your fire detector collection on your dresser.


Looks like significant improvement in your middle back.


Could be genetics too then.. there are definitely bodybuilders that can't get a nice natural V going based on the genetic shape of the lat... just need a thin waist to create the illusion


Also, if you can't 'feel' the lat (which would explain why you have trouble flexing it), CT wrote a good article on it here http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/mondays_with_thibs_you_dont_know_jack_about_your_back

Good program in there for increasing lat awareness. good luck brah!


thanks man, I appreciate it, going to read that

Thanks, been hammering it lately.

THey go off CONSTANTLY. Got sick of being woken up by them.


add in some weighted rack chins. They're awesome coupled with heavy pulldowns. What kind of rep scheme you using for your back thickness exercises also? I see improvement, yet for your weight I would imagine a more noticeably thicker back.

I have found doing for instance say on rack deadlifts ramping up to a heavy ass set of 6-10 reps followed by a lighter (mind you I might only strip off between 50-90 lbs) for 12-15 reps reaching failure on both sets.

CC is a huge advocate of the aforementioned setup above. Anyways can't knock your progress. I'm trying to hop on the 200 + train one day also. keep it up.


Did you mean rack-deadlifts in the first paragraph, where you wrote rack chins?


well thank god, what was the purpose of giving yourself a wedgie? not like you have glute striations or anything, lol


no they're call just that rack chins yet actually they are pullups done in a rack with your feet elevated. I used one side of a decline bench.

Also you doing any extreme stretching for your back? I find this has really helped me a lot also. It's grueling but you really get a feel for that mind muscle connection.


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You look like your squat went up a good 60 pounds or so, that so?


You look terrible. I understand bulking but you must have really just ate like crap. the it appears you just have lats. Deadlift 450 i dont know if you could do but iv seen weirder things. Clean up diet!!! Lose the Big MAC!!


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