After 300 - Now What?

I have a 300lb weight set and I am nearing the limit on a few lifts like the deadlift. What can I do in the meantime until I can afford more plates?

Higher reps and try deadlift variations, i saw a guy who has his weight set outside use cinder blocks.


More reps. I suppose if money really is that tight you could use bands (which are 30% off right now with code PRcrusher)

They are only a few dollars but can add a tremendous amount of weight towards the top of the movement. I have heard from coaches they are quite stressful to the nervous system (because of the way they “pull” the weight down instead of just being dead weight), so I dont know if using them every single workout for months on end would be good but as a stop gap until you can afford more weight this might work well.

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Main exercises: front squat, clean and press

Superset with walking lunges, romanian deadlift (limits the weight used on those).

Until you front squat 300lbs x 30 it should be ok-ish.

Move the main lift towards the end of the workout when you’re tired.

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You may not need advanced methods yet but perhaps try a deficit of a few inches. That and bands.
When you can try and get an Olympic Barbell set . To be fair you could even mold concrete plates check out youtube.

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I figure ill just but another 300lb set from academy our dick’s but I didn’t want to lose strength on my deadlift. I appreciate the advice.

If you scour craigslist and similar sites you can often find cheap 45lb plates.


What is your actual goal? If you want to build strength, then for sure get more plates ASAP. If you’re training for fat loss and/or muscle, you’ll be fine playing with exercise choice, variations, and programming (like the guys have said) and can get more plates whenever.

Going from deadlifting 300x2 to 300x12 isn’t losing strength. Deficit deadlifting or snatch-grip deadlifting 245x5 to 300x5 isn’t losing strength. Deadlifting 300x5 as the first exercise of the day to deadlifting 300x5 after rows, chin-ups, and dumbbell rows isn’t losing strength.


Right now I’m aiming for fat loss and strength.

I was just wondering what I would do in the event that I max out on plates and you and the others have great suggestions. If variations and just doing more will maintain and even increase my strength it’s not a huge concern to go out and buy more plates. Plus my squat and bench are 100lbs from maxing out so it’s no dire need imo just wanted some advice.

Then, ask the right question and you will get a better answer instead of us trying to get some info.

I like to keep my options open :slight_smile:

I second this… I got 800lbs of weights, plus a qaulity powerlifting bar, and some dumbbells on CL for under $200 from a powerlifer that blew his bicep and needed quick cash. I got extremely lucky, but there are good deals.


I got a 310 lb olympic weight set, squat rack/incline/decline/flat bench combo and a few hundred pounds in spinlock adjustable weights with another barbell and two dumbbells for $80.

Craigslist can be like a gold mine.