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After 3 Years, Gained 65 Pounds, Arms Are Still Small


I know this is a dumb question but this is a huge problem for me.
Im gonna my this quick:
(I worked out for 3years, i went from 115lbs to 190lbs, i squat 370lbs deadlift 350lbs overhead pressing 180lbs, the only compound movement ive had struggle with is bench press, coudnt lift any more than 160-170lbs. Ive mainly done a lot of 5x5 programs, iv’e now have big legs in my opinion all of my pans are L-XL, my back is pretty wide and my chest is pretty big as well, the only thing is the arms and the shoudlers after 3years of hard work and gaining pretty solid mass i still have 14inch arms and narrow shoulders)
I need some serious advice because im really losing motivation as all friends around me grew big arms wide shoulders and overall are happy while i am sitting with small arms.
(Yes i did a lot of arms exriceses like dips skull crush chin ups hammer curls)


If you have been doing mainly 5x5 work for 3 years and only did skull crushers and hammer curls for direct arm work, it sounds like it is time to use a different programming approach.


Try this for a couple cycles…

After that do a 5/3/1 template with direct isolation work or a heavier template from here…

for side lateral work use light weight and really zone in on the mind muscle connection


How can you overhead press 180 lbs and Bench Press 160-170 lbs !?


We’re twins. 60 lbs gained since I started lifting without growing any taller, bench mid 3’s, can curl 50’s on a preacher bench, but rocking under 15" arms. No advice from me, just letting you know that you’re not alone.


Change your program. Seriously, it is that simple. Badger linked a few good ones.

As long as it is a balanced program, you will be fine.


Your numbers come across as very odd. Are these maxes or working weight?

First off I suggest you look at your depth regarding squats if your squats are 20lbs over your deads in most cases with most it is a indication of squatting High as hell. Or they have the worst leverages ever for the deadlift.

Im having a hard time myself trying to picture how your OHP is actual 10 lbs more than your Bench? That flat out is abnormal Im not sure I have every heard of this in someone who isnt a total beginner. Im even more confused if your doing dips as a exercise at 190 and you can only bench in the 160-170 range.

How old are you and what is your current height?