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After 2 Months Testim Has Stopped Working


I felt much better while I first started on Testim but now my old symptoms have seemed to return. I'm going in for follow-up labs tomorrow. I know I should have done this sooner but the gel seemed to have been working up until recently. I also think I may have a mis-diagnosed thyroid issue. My labs have always come back within normal range but I seem to have a lot of the symptoms. My cholesterol is borderline high and the statins have not helped as much as they should have.

I also have a body temp around 97.1-97.8 most of the time. I sweat a lot at night when sleeping. I get palpitations all the time which a Cardio Dr said were benign ectopic beats or PVC/PAC's. I feel depressed and anxious a lot. Are these symptoms of a Thyroid disorder or am I dealing with Low T issues or both? I will post follow-up labs as soon as I get them. My labs I posted a few months a go indicated I was a good candidate for TRT. If I do have a thyroid issue do I continue with TRT therapy?


Are You using HCG OR an AI? if not you may be feeling the effects of estrogen and shut down your natural system. I felt the same way before those two were added.


welcome to the problematic club.

two possible issues (actually a lot more, but two main ones):

  1. you have a thyroid issue that is causing problems with absorbption
    1a) if you have a thyroid issue, you also probably have a cortisol problem as well (and should test for that at the same time)

  2. you have a estradiol problem due to aromatase of your T to E2 (have you read the Estrogen sticky?)


Ya, I read the stickies. Went and did bloodwork today so I will have results next week to see if the Testim is working or not. I also will see if my cholesterol has improved on the Statins or not. Until then its all guesswork. I just seem to be prone to anxiety and depression. I’m not sure if it’s hormone related or if it’s just the way I am. I will post labs next week.



Statin drugs can mess with the mind for some. If cholesterol goes too low, that alone can create a number of problems.

What is waking body temp? Is thermometer accurate. Can someone else register 98.6 with it?

Are you using iodizes salt or sea salt or kosher salt that are iodine free. Don’t treat a dietary iodine deficiency with drugs and doctor’s bills.

Post your labs with units and ranges. “Normal” is a really bad word here!!!

Always get and retain your lab reports.