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After 2 Months on Bill Starr's


Hi first of all I am new to this forum so pardon me if it is the wrong place to ask this...

So I have been on Bill Starr training method for 8 weeks, and now my monday (heavy day) bench and squat sets are hard to finish.

I would like to know if I should change my program (what kind of split) for the next weeks or should I continue until I manage to finish the 5 reps and then take heavier...

Thanks in advance for your answers.

PS: Sorry for my english!


First off, you on the right track going with the Bill Star program. I would continue with the program but back off the wieght by 10-15lbs and continue as such. I know it kind of sucks having to do that ..but in the long run it will pay off.

Make sure your eating like a horse. Lots of protien and healthy carbs. Seriously...stuff yourself. The program can be very taxing on the body. You need to make sure your giving your body what it needs to recover. That could be your problem right there...I dont know your diet so I am just speculating.

Another suggestion I would make is to try the 5/3/1 Wendler program. It is a great program for people that have stalled in there training. You can by the E-book online for 20 bucks at elitefts.com. Well worth the money.{I bought it}

I did the Bill Star for some time and got great results. More so than any body building routine ever did. Keep with it if you can by backing off the poundage a bit..or switch to the 5/3/1.



First off, why do you think you need to change your program?

Eat more... More protein, more cals overall... Helps keep the gains coming fast.

Also, such issues are addressed here:


Thank you very much for your help, I'll try that out. Removing 10lbs, eat more and get that booklet.
Have a nice day and good training!