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After 1 Year of Working Out, What to Improve?


Hello community,
I’ve been working out for one year now and as you can tell from the pics I am a hardgainer. I’m 177 cm tall and weight 67 Kg.
What can I improve ?
PS : Do you think my muscle insertions in my quads are inequal or I have to work out more my right leg ?



Congrats on the progress. You can see your efforts are paying off sans clothing. I’m guessing you would like more bulk so that you fill out a T-shirt better. You say you are a hard gainer… what is your diet like?


Thanks man. I used to eat around 3000 calories (50% carbs, 30% protein, 20%fat) and I reached 78 kilos bodyweight but I had a lot of fat, so now keeping my macros to 2000 calories (45%,35%,20%) to have a clean bulk.
This is me 3 months ago .