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After 1 Year of Patience, First Cycle Log

Had alot of setbacks regarding my first cycle last year, surgery then inadequate timing i delayed this cycle.
Quick update:

  1. Went back to 152 pounds ( changing cities, studies, other problems…

  2. Primed for weeks preparing for cycle then slightly increased carbs until i went back to where i was naturally :165lbs

  3. Started cycle: Going for 12 weeks: 500mg TEST E split in 2 doses monday/thursday + 250iu HMG on pin day to keep the testes going + 40mg dbol/day for 5 weeks
    AI: Using 0.3mg femara E3D/EOD depending on excessive bloat, libido, and irritability ( if i feel that i can snap really fast i know that i have to take my AI, quality of erection and sensitivity of nipples ( daily check of these))
    Supps: zinc, magnesium before sleep, vit C , aspirin before bed for BP, brewers yeast, creatine, beta alanine pwo, liv 52

LESSON TO LEARN: Had sleeping problems because i took 20mg dbol before sleep which kept me awake, so for the first 3.5 weeks i had no quality sleep.

I’m on my 6th week now ,(Cut the DBOL on 5th week and started 50mg proviron/day, sleep is great and mood is great), pinned yesterday on right glute.

Diet: Upped my cals exponentially with the cycle, from 3k to 3.5k to 4k calories per day and still increasing, i’m now at 4.3k calories. i was reaching 250g protein minimum on all those days, 75-100fats and the rest carbs. Underestimating the calories is such a big mistake, so it became a tedious task to eat, i force feed myself and won’t sleep until i’ve reached my daily macros.

Decided to go hard mode and forget about the strength even if its motivating so i went full mass and hypertrophy on this cycle, it was a very hard decision to take because i had to lower all my weights and start working out like a bodybuilder, was on a 4 day split but my cns was getting so taxed because of the higher reps and relatively heavier weight, i was pretty lethargic but i’ve pushed through it.

As of now: Going to start logging results every week
Actually following a routine for maximum mass by a renowned coach (coachjessb) following poliquins principles, its working so far great for me. First cycle of the routine is an upper/ lower split for 3 weeks.
I’m already up to 185lbs and still fairly lean ( think of a carbload lean to have an idea), holding still a bit of water but not as much as on dbol, its probably the carbs and the amount of milk i drink everyday. Dbol handicaped me big time tho the pumps were crippling i couldn’t deadlift or squat for the whole period so i adapted my workouts to that.

So quick recapitulation: up to 185lbs from 165lbs, going to increase calories even higher --> aiming now for 5k-6k ( i want to get to 220lbs, and milk the fuck out of this cycle, worry about the fat/water later because i have a high metabolism anyway),
PS: diet is 100% clean apart from protein yoghurts i take so i’d say i haven’t eaten junk food in a while man i have some of these cravings lol.

For those who do not care about the timeline of events:

Week 1-12: 500mg TEST E + 500iu HMG split in 2 ( pin day) (discontinuing HMG 5-6 days before starting SERM)
0.3mg femara EOD/E3D
Week 1-5: 40mg dbol/day
Week 5-12: 50mg proviron/day
Week 13-14.5: 0.3mg femara EOD/E3D
Week 14-20 : Nolvadex 20/20/20/20/10/5 + 0.3mg femara E3D/EOD
Week 20-21.5 : taper off femara

Note well that letro is really potent

lol@ 220. You’ll be lucky to get to 190. You’re about to lose all the bloat from dbol. I doubt you’ll gain any more weight, in total, on this cycle.

I also can’t imagine needing to eat 4k calories at your size. That’s nutty.

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I still have 6 weeks on this cycle and i’ve cut the dbol 4 days ago, can’t imagine not gaining any more weight even at 5k -6k cals, will weight in today to see progress, any constructive feedback?

Who are you Brian Shaw? eating 4k cals?

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you’re 5 weeks in and have gained 20 lbs. the bulk of weight gain from cycles that involve a dbol kickstarter are ALWAYS at the beginning of the cycle. At least 10 lbs of your weight gain is from the dbol water retention. This means, that at best, you’ve gained 10 lbs of solid mass, which is some combination of fat and muscle. Which, after the bloat goes away, puts you at 175. You expect to add 45 lbs of mass in the second half of the cycle, while being on less gear, than you did in the first half, when you only gained 10?

You should expect to end up around 185-190. You don’t have to believe me though, you’ll find out soon enough for yourself.

As for constructive feedback: increasing your food intake from 4k to 5-6k calories will just make you fat. It’s a stupid idea. There is not a person on earth under 200 lbs who should be eating that much.

yeap, and the poops too, constipation levels are real

Thanks alot man i’ve been thinking about what you told me earlier the whole day, i just weighted in at 184 pounds before going to the gym, while i haven’t eating for approx 2 hours. I think if i get to 190 being fairly lean will be really exceptional, i get your point of view, but don’t you think that even if i put on fat the muscle ratio will be higher than fat? Anyway when i hit the 1 week mark i will keep you guys updated about my weight.
Today i crushed my workout, felt a hard-ish pump, it must be the proviron.
2 meals left then off to sleep.

I try to balance constipation/diarhea with milk/bananas hahaha, but yeah when you don’t find that sweet spot you really have a hard time, especially if you’re constipated and get that milk bloat xd

you will have poor returns if you go over 200 lbs, I can guarantee it. Even on steroids, there are limits to how much muscle you can add in a short period of time, unless you’re an absolute genetic freak, which I have to assume you are not.

Keep in mind, 190 lbs and lean is not small. In my picture on here, I’m about 195. I’m 5’10. Just for reference.

Yeah man i totally get it, i’m 5’9 myself. Anyway i’ve got obliques/ 4 abs showing even when holding water but there is for sure fat in there. i’ve always been an ectomorph, but i don’t know, i still feel small, i don’t look like i lift until my shirt is off, i think i don’t have full muscle bellies regarding arms + the bloat from eating constantly makes me look kinda puny.
Anyway will update this weekly and keep you updated about everything, thanks alot man, appreciate the effort you make to explain things to me.
Testosterone concentration will be at its peak by next week ( week 7), then will stay like that for 7 more weeks ( 5 weeks until week 12 and then 2 weeks), so i cannot wait until i see what i get from that, will stay consistent and disciplined as much as i can until i finish off PCT and then more.

Think of aas as supplements like creatine and aminos etc, they are to supplement your workout and diet, with that said it does not mean that you double or triple your caloric intake, yes you will grow fast but those giant leaps of weight and hormone jump will fuck u up after pct, you basically want to train the same but eat more cals for bulk or less for cut same as if you were training natty the only difference is you are able to hit the muscles a lot more frequently because of the recovery speed, just adjust macros as needed and you will grow bro dont force it, the bigger and faster the changes you make the less you will keep after a good 4 months after pct…this is why people do more than 1 cycle because they lose alot then want to get back on the horse and end up taking too high dosages etc… you know what i mean.

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Yeah man i get it absolutely, it would be a bummer if my genetic potential is capped like that. Will grind out on this cycle hoping for the best man, thanks. Still got 7 weeks to go.

So yesterday i think the test got to its maximum peak, i’ve added 20 lbs to the squat bar while doing the workout i usually do in 1h20 in 45 mins, it was so taxing on my cns but i’ve pushed through it somehow, then thought about it later. basically 8 sets of squat 4 narrow 4 wide of 8 reps and last set got 7 reps tri setted with romanian deadlift ( 4 sets) then hamstring machine same thing with lunges. I could not think, or breathe or anything after this brutal workout, but it feels so good ive pushed myself this hard.

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I hate when threads like this die out. Would be interesting to see how this turned out (although I suspect we all know how it ended).