After 1 Month Bulk, Rate My Results

well guys i wanted to share some results after 1 month of bulk with small calorif SURPLUS XD
Weight start 71 kg now 74.5kg mostly water i gues cuz of long diat of 11 months 2300 kcal
Bench press from 55kg to 67 kg 5x5
ohp not alot but from 37kg to 42 kg 5x5
Deadlift from 105 kg to 115 kg 5x5
Squat from 85 kg to 95kg 5x5
Here some fotos before

and here from today

do u guys see any difference in psychicue ? more fat more musscles ?

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Wait! What???


Ditto! OP, surely you mean “small surplus”?

Whether that’s what you meant or not, I’d opine you’re in a relatively large surplus: you’re gaining just under 1kg a week if I’m reading correctly.

Anyway, you got bigger and stronger. Those are the two goals of a bull, so great work! I think we’re seeing food was likely holding you back a bit.

I personally wouldn’t keep that rate of weight gain going for too long, but I think it will slow down anyway. Like you said, you’ve probably gained some water, and your body was craving some nutrition. Keep good, quality foods in and it will take care of itself. If I remember right, you don’t have goals of ending up on a bodybuilding stage so these monthly check-ins are probably bang-on to make sure you’re trending the right direction and not getting too fat (you certainly are not right now).

One tiny piece of advice - keep an indicator exercise like pull-ups in there; that helps keep you honest that you’re gaining “good” weight, since your strength to bodyweight ratio is the determining factor.

You certainly look thicker and still have visible abdominal definition. Great work!

PS: your locker room looks like a club. Kinda trippy. Kinda cool.


I have a feeling he may be overthinking this too early in the game. Not sure of his goals though.


Bench Press for 5 sets of 5 is up 25 pounds!

I think he’s thinking just about the right amount.


i do my pull ups i do 5x5 with 8 kg on belt. When i started bulk i was douing 2 kg belt 5x5 so its gouing up aswell
Well with the weight up its wierds cuz in first 2 days i got +2 kg then in 3 weekks 3grams more then in last 4 days i added more calories and my weight went up 2kg again so its kinda wierd XD

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This is an excellent idea, since you are not starting out overweight. Maintain this throughout your weightlifting career.

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This is killing me right now with some elbow issues. My pull-ups are struggling, and in my head that means I’m definitely getting fat. doesn’t matter that every part of my body is saying “this is easy” except for my elbow which is just locking up and won’t work. Very frustrating

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the front of your right shoulder is exploding out of the pic.

you are doing amazing.

keep going.

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IMO, the only reliable bulk metric for added muscle is strength. You are doing that. Keep at it.

Also, I use a strength metric regardless of bulking, cutting, or maintaining.

Pics and the mirror can be very reassuring, but they are unreliable. Use it and appreciate it, but don’t rely on it. Lighting can cast your physique from much worse than it is to a little better than it is.

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Injuries notwithstanding of course!

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