Afro Rollcall

In light of 4est’s flattop thread, as a proud donner of a growing afro, I want to ask, is there anyone else here sporting a fro??

I had a fro up untill a year ago. It was pretty big. I just decided to shave it on a whim one day… and the fact that it took 5 minutes just to get my hair wet in the shower was annoying.

People would always come up to me out of nowhere and ask about my hair. Sometimes it was annoying as hell, but sometimes girls in my class wanted to touch it <3.

Some people thought I was wearing a wig :frowning: Because I am white… well kind of… I look white, and my fro was a good 8 inches in every direction.

My hair is some weird hybrid mixture of curly and nappy. Makes sense being the U.N represtntative that I am (1/2 Egyptian 1/4 Italian 1/8 Polish 1/8 Ukrainian).

I have only seen 1 or 2 fros that were bigger then mine.

yo momma so hairy, she got afros on her nipples.

WHOA… I just checked your pics and you are serious. I just thought you were making fun of me. :wink:

I used to have a pretty big one but I shaved it off at the beggining of wrestling season. I’m letting my hair grow out a bit right now and it’s not curly anymore…weird. It’s just wavy now (it was a few years ago, too).