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Afrikus, How Do You Train?


Great physique, excellent research and writing skills (great "underground" book on bodybuilding you put out, right? http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/afrikus#myForums/thread/4291407/ )

Your totally an inspiration for many on this site. How do you do it? Training split? Particular routine/parameters? Skills?

A pic or two?




You've been here 5 seconds and are calling people out?

No photos yourself?

I'll say I doubt you will contribute to the development of the people here half as much as he has.

You look like a clown right now.


even more lulz




the lulz just keep coming


For some reason I just picture Mr. Miyagi yelling "Danial son!" in his Asian accent.


what has Afrikus contributed? (honest question because he has 29 posts and 10+ of them were BS in that Prof X thread)

I know nothing of him except his call out posts in the X thread


No photos of myself so how do I look like a clown?

Thanks for the doubt. Must be used to being wrong...


lol you have no idea who you're fucking with.


Critical thinking skill challenge of the day.

You been here long enough to know the answers to your own questions.

WAT? Is that some sort of failed rap lyric?

I know your trying to be witty and it took you 2 hours to come up with the least clever come back in the history of the BB'ing forum, but come on son, you can do better than that.


@op - Move it to GAL.


LOL I know, right?

This shit's being backtraced as we speak.

You motherfuckers can't even fathom just how much y'all dun goofed.


Afrikus, please take this not as a "call out" thread but as an opportunity share some of your ancient wisdom with us.


Fun Fact #1: Afrikus's REAL name was originally 'Aflikus'. The Asian community adopted the phonetic spelling to avoid hilarity at their expense.


Oops - wrong pic... but you are all welcome for the heads-up on the Wise Confucius meme.



"Call out", this forum has an obsession with that term.


Ok so I saw that his BB textbook thread was bumped and that everyone seems to believe that this is tribunal coming back to T Nation.

Maybe I shouldn't have said "Call Out" but it was already said by someone else so I just stuck with it... I should have said his posts were antagonistic in that thread.


It's definitely someone from the BOI Facebook group, but I don't think it's Tribunal. This guy REALLY hates me and is trashing the shit out of me, and I always got along very well with Tribunal - which is why I don't think it's him.

In fact, he invited me to T-Cell - before they restarted it and I got the 2nd invite from Professor X.


I don't get why peeps are jumping on OP. Aflikus is obviously a dual account of someone. I feel his posts in X' thread would of been a lot more valuable if the person had posted as themselves. OP is obviously a dual account of someone with his 19 posts. If these two want to have their ghey "shadow" wars then let them. I can't see where you can fault the OP and defend Asslickus or whatever his faceless name is. They are both doing the same shit.