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African AAS


Heres a tricky one for ya, that I hope someone may know the anwser to, can you buy AAS over the counter in Malawi or Tanzinia? I will be going there soon, cheers


Its Africa! Anything goes! You can even buy over the counter in South Africa if you find the right pharmacist. I don't know if you can or can't in Malawi or Tanzania but the chances are if you're supplying Sterling or Dollars then you can buy what you want.


Its true dude... steriods are daaaaam easy to get here in Africa. In a first world country in a third world continent such as South Africa in the urbanised white areas steriods are not that far out of grasp!


sweet guys cheers, just gotta try and find a dodgy pharmacist out there now, is it still legal to import AAS into UK for personal use?