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Affordable Yet Quality Band Pack

Hey, heavy bands are new to me and im browsing the internet trying to find a set of bands for speed deadlifts, squats and benches.

Can anyone recommend a good pack of belt ( various sizes) that will cover the speed training of a 200lb 6’3 olympic lifter ? Weights used for speed 120-140kg and 80-90kg for the bench. Straight weight without any chains or bands.

Which “sizes” do I need to have in hand considering the above ?

Thanks sorry if been asked, cant search on Cellphone.

You really don’t need a huge set of bands from my experience. You might think you need heavy bands for bench but something like your KB2s would be good for bench speed and heavy band benching.

I like the Elite Pro bands the best, especially the 12" bands. Everyone in my group likes working with the 12"s for bench. I also like them for conventional Deadlifts and they workout great.

A set of these for you Bench and Deads http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=495&pid=3255

And these for you squats http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=495&pid=247

That right there is plenty to train with. You don’t want to do bands every weeks or multiple times a week. It takes me a week or more to recover from a heavy bench with bands day.

Thanks man ! What KB’s are equivalent to these ? 2 and 4 ?

eFS dont ship international for a good proce so i have to stick to KBs…

ALSO they only have 20" and 41"…

Well the 20s and 41s would be ok for bench and squat, but I’m not sure how you would use them for deadlifts so you’d have to experiment with them.

I’ve never used the KB bands but for bench I would get the 20" KB20-2 (black)1" wide and for squat I would get the KB4 Royal Blue 41".

You might think that 30lbs bands for benching aren’t worth it but I can tell you that they pull down alot more than what you think. I can raw bench 395lb but put 275lbs plus a set of mini bands and its hell. With squat its tough to use bands in a normal squat rack, so going too heavy of a band plus trying to walk it out can be pretty tough. If you have a mono lift then get some heavy ones but just something that isn’t going to be too much like the KB4.

Thanks… No mono - I use Olympic lifting stands … Those classic ones you see in Oly lifting videos. You pick it up and take half a step back.

Alright so the Royal Blue is for sure…
I admit the 10-30 pounder one sounds like a toy ! But you’re stronger than me so you must know.

So for deadlifting you would use 12 inchers only ?

And before I order…

  1. Royal Blue fits both dynamic squatting and heavy squatting ? Depends how much Iron I use ?

  2. KB 20" Purple - One above what you said for the bench- For sure too much ? At first I was thinking Green one… with 60lb at the top. Way off ?

Lets just say that if I hit the 400lb bench and 420 olympic squat with these 2 without buying the heavier belts, then i’ll buy them with peace :slight_smile: