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Affordable Options for T Replacement Instead of Endo? (US Only)

I’m currently considering switching to a different provider to prescribe my T.

My current Endocrinologist is very expensive and has a history of running unnecessary lab tests for every visit.
Last year I saw him over 8 times, with an average cost of $250 per visit ( this is my co-pay + my responsible portion after insurance)

Now they are telling me that they have to see me every 90 days to refill my Rx. due to a supposedly some new DEA mandate. I’m in Oklahoma.

How much is an average age clinic visit and how often do you have to see your doc.

I really don’t want to make monthly payment to this guy for the rest of my life!!

I know there are ones where you pay a flat $150 fee @dextermorgan has one but I don’t know what that includes.

At Defy I pay $160 for a consult every 6 months, around $200-$300 for labs every 6 months depending on what’s needed and about $50 a month for my T. So, $130’ish a month, something like that anyways. More or less depending on how stable you are.

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The telemedicine clinic I use is $150/month and includes 220mg/week Testosterone compound pharmacy grade (you use whatever you want of it), syringes (I use my own insulin syringes though), 1mg/week of anastrozole (I don’t use it) and alcohol pads all shipped to your door. Everything is done over the phone and they are easy to work with. There’s many just like them though. If you want mine my email is in my bio.

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That is not accurate.

It sounds fishy to me, the DEA is a federal agency and would affect us all equally. This is an excellent way to generate more profit via visits.

You already stated your endo runs unnecessary, excessive labs, that was the first red flag for me.

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Not sure if I’m just a lucky guy or if you all are being ripped off. Here’s a summary of how I got to where I am today. I saw an expensive hormone specialist for my first 3 years (I’m 8+ years into TRT). He was expensive, didn’t take insurance but got me started on a great program. During this period I was open and honest with my PCP. She saw how well I was doing and monitored my progress within my insurance. After 3 years, I approached her to take over medication management for my protocol because it was costing me so much. She felt comfortable doing this after the good she saw it was doing me.

Here’s the breakdown cost of my current program: Total cost/year = $906.57 = $75.55/month.

  • Testosterone Cypionate - Pfizer branded Depo-Testosterone $63.36/10 mL of 200mg/mL from my local compound phamacy prescribed at 40mg every 3 days (93mg/week) = $0.4224/day = $151.18/year.

  • HCG - Merk branded PREGNYL - Same local compound pharmacy $127.01/10,000 IU/vial. Current dose 1050 IU/week = $13.3/week = $693.47/year.

  • Syringes (for testosterone) - 122 (28G 1/2 inch) 1 cc insulin syringes/year. Currently use Easy Touch brand from https://www.totaldiabetessupply.com/products/easytouch-28g-1cc-1-2-inch. $14.45/100 = $0.14 each = 122 X $0.14 = $17.08 /year.

  • Syringes (for HCG) - 156 (31G 5/16 inch) 0.5 cc insulin syringes/year. Currently use Easy Touch brand from https://www.totaldiabetessupply.com/products/easytouch-insulin-syringe-31g-5cc-5-16-inch. $13.99/100 = $0.14 each 156 X $0.14 = $21.84 /year

  • Doctor Visit (copay) = 1/year at $20 = $20.00 /year

If you’re 55, why are you using HCG? You’d save over $700/year by dropping it. Is having big balls that important to you?

How are you getting name-brand from a compounding pharmacy? Is that something they usually offer?

Can you expand on this? I don’t understand what you mean.

He means he went from having to buy from a compound pharmacy, etc. at inflated prices to getting a “regular” prescription from his primary doctor that you can use insurance to pay for and fill at a regular pharmacy. Way cheaper.

Well my Rx is partially paid by my insurance at a similar coverage to what @youthful55guy indicated. His experience might not be duplicated considering most medical providers see you as a gold mine instead of a patient. However what I’m asking here is for an alternative option instead of a specialist.
As you may know and endocrinologists charges are much higher rate than a PCP, therefore the resulting portion after insurance is also higher.

Some of us self treat. Of course that means breaking the law but it beats dealing with ignorant doctors and insurance and pharmacies, etc.

I am 62, not 55. Having normal sized testicles is important to me. I’m not cost sensitive and don’t need to save $700 per year by dropping HCG.

They offer it. No need to special order either. Good local compounding pharmacy.

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Same. I can get brand name stuff from Empower, it just costs more.

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Not quite. I’ll try to explain better.

I started out with a very expensive TRT specialist (first 3 years). He did not take insurance and I needed to work through a compound pharmacy that he had a relationship with. All together, I was spending a lot of money out of pocket for this specialist and for a moderately expensive compounding pharmacy that was in another city.

Fast forward 3 years, I ask my PCP to take over medication management for my protocol. She (my PCP) takes insurance, so I only pay $20 per visit (instead of $$$$ with the specialist). She works with a local compound pharmacy that has very reasonable prices and can get me branded hormones without having to special order (they keep them in stock).


Did not mean to offend you. I’m almost 55 and typically HCG is for fertility rather than testicle atrophy. I know my wife is WAY more interested in my ability to have great erections over the size and looks of my testicle, which btw have not atrophied significantly over the last 5 years when I started blasting and cruising.

Not offended. Sorry if I came across that way. I was in a teleconference for work and had to make the reply short. Didn’t come out the way I intended.

Longer answer is that I’ve participated in several TRT forums in the past. This is the 4th forum but I stuck with the same screen name across all the forums. I took the screen name out about 7 years ago when I was 55 years old when I first started TRT and had much to learn.

I get upset with doctors that refuse to prescribe HCG for cosmetic purposes. They seem to somehow look at us as cheating (not sure whom we are cheating) when we request TRT, and they view almond size testicles is a punitive outcome for us wanting it. That is, we have to be willing to pay the price for our cheating (again, who are we cheating?). I think this is bullshit when this side-effect of TRT is so easily managed with a small amount of HCG. I have little testicles to begin with and no, I don’t think it’s too much to ask my physician to help manage the side-effect with a small amount of HCG. Fortunately, my current PCP is very supportive of this and let’s me dose at a level that has been shown to help maintain normal testicular function while on TRT.

Regarding price of HCG, I am simply not cost sensitive. I have the means to afford whatever I need to optimize my program and a very supportive wife. HCG is just a drop in the bucket compared to what my original hormone specialist (a well-known name in the industry). It’s also a drop in the bucket compared to the extra testing I do outside of my PCP (and insurance), but that’s another discussion.

Oh, BTW, I do not even bother submitting my TRT prescriptions for insurance. It’s just not that much to me and I don’t want to argue with them over coverage.

Then you should seriously consider add HGH to your protocol. I’ve been on for a year and love it. I doubt you could get a script for it but maybe. I self treat and obtain my GH from UGLs

Here’s my post documenting my experiences