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Affordable Nice Apartments in Tempe?


Does anyone know of an affordable nice apartment in Tempe, AZ? My price range is no more then $800 a month but would prefer more around $500-650. Features I'm looking for are dishwasher, disposal, air conditioning, ceiling fans, balcony, washer/dryer in unit, covered parking, cats allowed.

The more utilities included the better. I'm having trouble with that part. I can't find anything that is nice with the majority of utilities included like I could when I was back in Ohio.

I've found some that include pest control (whatever that is about). One provided electric, pest control. Another included free air conditioning and hot water. Any ideas?


Now why would anyone want to live near ASU? There are lots of Affordable apartments here in Tucson.


Chandler. Most likely the AC they are talking about is swamp coolers, you don't want that when it's 119F. Remember in the summer it the temp drops as low as the 90's so you want your apt. to be able to stay nice and cool lol.