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Affordable HCG in the UK?

Hi! I have been prescribed HCG but it is extremely expensive in the UK it seems (I used fertility2U as recommended by my doctor). It came to a cost of £95 for 4ml of Gonasi.

Does anyone know any alternative cheaper methods to obtain this in the UK?

Cheers in advance.

HCG is crazy expensive anywhere, but in the US we have compounding pharmacies that offer it for much less. Your cost is about what it costs for HCG in the US by compounding pharmacies.

Am I allowed to post links on here?

Until recently it was cheap in Bulgaria, 15 dollars for 5000 ui bottle :smiley:
Now they stopped temporary the import, dont know when will reintroduce and whether it will not be some more expensive brand.
It can still be bought cheap from Turkey but I felt bad from the Turkish one not sure why feels much more potent

I have a guy that can ship you Turkish HCG to UK, dont ask me how he has some means of shipping across Europe. Not sure whether it will be possible after Brexit though

5000 iu for £20 in the UK online. I’ve been buying it as it is cheaper than my Dr’s.

I went to pick up my Cialis prescription yesterday and it was $20 dollars more on my second refill, I told them no way and call me when you have the other brand is stock.

It’s not really about the money either.