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Affordable Collars

I wanted to pass along a tip on obtaining quality olympic barbell and dumbell collars. I hate the spring clips and most collars suck-unless you want to pay a lot of money for them. I bough 4 heavy duty 2" muffler clamps at an auto parts store for about 1.25 each-they are sturdy, easy to load. tighten and remove. You need to keep a socket wrench with the correct head handy, but that is about it.

How about Quicklee, Muscle Clamp or Boa? Anyone have experience/recommendations? I’m tired of the cheap spring collars loosening up on DLs, Cleans, etc.

I use machinery shaft collars.

follow the link.


I like the muffler clamps though, simple, cheap and effective.

I was hoping to find something I wouldn’t need a wrench for. Not sure my gym would like a collar that uses a nut that like turns into the bar–like ironhorse’s nut busters–but looks like the system you use wouldn’t do that. Looks like I’ll just have to cowboy up and throw a wrench in the gym bag. That’s kinda cool anyhow, right?

Could you put a wing nut on any of the aforementioned collars?

I have heard Boa collars are good for odd diameter bars, but wear out after awhile.

I have some old school 10 pounders that work great.