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affordable blood tests

How does one go about getting a quality yet affordable blood test without going thru the family Doc?

My family Doc is a CLUELESS-ASSHOLE - but a nice old guy. I would “very much” like to check, and routinely monitor my baseline hormones (using a test like the one mentioned in Will Brink’s article over at MESO).

I would love to go straight to a lab for this; is this possible - I live in Northern New Jersey.

Thanks, Joey Z.

My family Dr. will only script blood work if I agree to undergo a series of other tests, which I am “under-insured” for at the moment. It’s not like I’m sick or anything remotely like that. Now that I’m over 40, MD’s seem to feel I will perish from lack of diagnostic testing. I’m afraid other MD’s will give me the same shit because of my age. I just wanna obtain my
base hormonal profile and then follow up to see how my supps/androgens affect me. This little bit knowledge would go along way in telling me what supps/drugs I should or… shouldn’t be using!



i believe u can, but insurance probably wont cover it. find out who your doctors lab is and call them. I say just find another doc, be open to him.

Go into your doctor and get a physical done and tell him you want blood panel drawn up as part of the physical just to see that you are in good health. Most health plans allow you one physical check up a year. Tell the doctor you would like the results when they come back to make sure that everything is OK. It is your medical record and you do have the right to see anything that is in it. Hell, you’re paying for that fricking doctor and health care, go get the damn bloodwork, he does not need to know why, just tell him to draw the damn blood and call you when the results are in.

JT & ru12nvme: Thanks for the replies - will give thought to both of your suggestions.

I’m a lab tech, dude. Slip me a fiver and I’ll hook you up. :slight_smile:
Seriously, it’s against the law in Florida to run medical lab tests without a doctor’s prescription. Our services are like prescription drugs. Don’t know about any other states, though. It might be different in your neck of the woods. I’d find a different doctor, like everybody else said. There’s bound to be one who is willing to make a quick buck and not do much work for it.

A wide variety of affordable hormonal blood test kits can be acquired through a number of organizations (just do a google search), including the Life Extension Foundation (LEF):

To find out more info about the various LEF testing plans, call 1-800-208-3444. I have a friend who recently contacted LEF for thyroid hormone testing. They will provide her the kit and a list of local labs that can perform the analyses (no doctor needed), and the entire process will cost only $80, which is a non-member rate (the same testing would cost a LEF member $64).

Guyz, thanks again for the replies.

Cardinal, thanks for giving me something I might be able to work with. Some nice info on the LEF link - I’m sure my Doc doesn’t know half of that shit!

P.S. A while back, when I tried to get a script for clmoid, he told me that I didn’t need to use clomid unless I was trying to get pregnant. (He was serious!)

Hahaha! I guess your doc’s not a juicer, eh? Pregnant…