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Affliction Trilogy (General Discussion)


I was a doubter of the quality of the affliction mma athletes at first, but now... I can't help but be impressed. I still think most of these guys would have a hard time back in the UFC, but maybe I'm wrong. After all I thought Baby Fedor would destroy buentello until I saw how far buentello has come.

check it out, and let's get to talking!


Looks like a good card. I can't wait to see how Barnett does against Fedor.

Vitor looked great at MW in his last match with Lindland, but I'm hoping this time we'll get to see more of him. I agree though that I don't think he'd be beating Anderson if he went back to the UFC.

Mousai vs. Babalu could be a good fight as well.

Never really been a Buentello fan, though I'll admit that he looked much improved against "Baby Fedor" in his last fight.


As long as Affliction can hang in there they will improve. It's guarunteed, every day the sport attracts more attention, more exposure, and thus more athletes. And they all can't go to UFC. Not to mention wiht no real organized amateur circuit, UFC can't just grab all the talented guys.

This looks like a solid card.

Hopefully they learn to market their up and comers. Basing around Fedor is a safe bet, but long term they are going to need other headliners.


I agree they need to market for guys other than fedor. I think relying on Fedor is a mistake, and elite xc showed us what happens when you put your company's fate on one man's shoulders. Obviously Fedor is a much much much more experienced fighter, but anyone can lose, anyone can get caught.


Damn...card looks great all around. Jay Hieron vs. Paul Daley should be a banger. Can't wait to see how Mousasi performs at 205lb.


Yeah I'll be interested to see him at 205lbs as well. I saw him on the last Dream card and he fought heavy weight, but it was quick so I didn't really get to analyze.


True...the only thing I could of analyzed was that awesome transition from punch to takedown on Hunt.


Solid card. Picks for fights I care about:



True but hunt is slow and I can't remember him having good take down defense. Although I haven't watched much tape on him.


Come on dhickey,but do you really think Babulu has what it takes to come out on top over Mousasi??.....same goes for picking Hieron over Daley. I do agree with your other picks though.


I think Moussasi is going to skull fuck Babalu and wind up in the UFC once his Dream deal is over.


I gaurantee Affliction will not run another card after this, unfortunately. I have enjoyed their product.


Picking Sobral over Mousasi was a tough one. Babulu has faced much tougher competition than Mousasi and to me he make a safer pick. Go look at Babalu's record. He's been in with some tough SOBs. I will rooting for Mousasi.

Heiron was an easier one for me. If you were fighting Daley, how would you fight him? The question for me in this fight is can Heiron take him down? If he can then he wins. If they stand and bang, it's anyone's fight.


Yeah...Sobral is a tough SOB...who has beaten tough SOB's...but Mousasi is a different type of challenge. The only way he'll beat Mousasi is if he hangs for 3 rounds and eeks out a decision over him. But I don't see it lasting that long.

As for Hieron and Daley...I do agree that if Hieron does take him down,he can win. He's no submission expert..but he has good wrestling. But he does have a knack for thinking he's a "banger" sometimes....which he is not. Daley is on another level in that aspect.

We'll see if Daley's training with Manhoef and Alliance MMA(Brandon Vera and Ribeiro brothers) will give him that extra edge over Hieron.


We'll have to see. Most people may not know, becuase of most of his fights, that he is/was an very good an well known grappler before his MMA days.

I would have to go back and watch, but I recall him doing pretty good against Fedor. I thought he may of even taken him down? His submissions should still be pretty good as well. I think my biggest concern is just his age, more importanly his MMA age.

I making my prediction on the assumption that Hieron doesn't stand and bang. I agree that this assertion is a big one.