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Affliction Head to Head Against UFC 100



affliction just announced they are going to air a free event opposite ufc 100 featuring fedor and josh barnett though they are not fighting each other.


Sounds awsome, hopefully if Dana hasn't finalised the UFC 10 card then he will under pressure to make sure it's stacked.

I'll watch both.


I can't watch two events the same night. Unfortunately the choice between Affliction and UFC 100 card is, at the moment an easy one to make.

At least it's free.





I wonder who Fedor will fight if not josh..any thoughts?

I'll DVR it but I'll still be watching the UFC. 100 is kind of historic and when GSP fights, I watch.

But that's just my personal preference.


Two big events. Awesome! Win win, in my opinion. I really enjoyed the last Affliction card.

The only shame is Fedor isnt fighting Barnett. As, OneMoreRep said, I wonder who he is going to fight? Cant think at anyone else, that isnt under UFC contract, who deserves a shot more at Fedor more...


I would guess overeem. unless someone else is planning on exiting the UFC. I hope to god it is not tito.


Actually, yeah, a fight with Overeem would be sweet.


But Overeem is fighting tomorrow in Japan so they may be waiting on the outcome of that before Dream decide whether to make him available. In return, Affliction may let Dream use Fedor, which would be great for DREAM since it's doing so badly atm..


if fedor fights overeem i cant think of any other big names for barnet. maybe werdum, i havent heard anything about him since he left the ufc.


Bad move IMO.

And I'd like to see both, as most fans would.


Rumor has it that Tito might fight him.


Serious? Man, I hope that doesnt happen. It has to be just internet talk. I mean Tito returns from a long lay off, to fight in a heavier weightclass than he is used to, and against the best pound for pound fighter in the world....

Pretty pointless.


It is just an internet rumor right now but it comes from sherdog.com so it has value.


IMO, Tito vs Fedor would be complete waste of time. Tito's mystique has outlasted his actual abilities. He was amazing but is now just average.

I think most hardcore MMA fans aren't going to pass up a GSP fight. UFC has done alot for this sport so I'll most likely get the PPV and record the free event.


Average as in having beaten the former LHW Champ in Forrest and taken the current champ to a draw that would've been his if he hadn't had a point deducted for grabbing the fence? That's not bad for average.

Hardcore MMA fans won't pass up a Fedor fight.


I should clarify that I too am not interested in watching Tito fight Fedor, but to call the man average is ridiculous.


I think it depends on who he fights. We'll know more of how good the fight is going to be when we know the quality of his opponent.

I also don't think it would make you any less "hardcore" if you want to watch ufc 100 over this possible affliction card.

I just think it's you're preference, I think Fedor is great and love to watch him but I think UFC 100 has a really good card, the lesnar/Mir rematch, henderson/bisping, and then the fitch/paulo thiago fight- i want to see if thiago is for real that's going to be an interesting fight and then Jon Jones is really exciting and I'd like to see how he has improved.

and like I said for me, I'm a GSP fan so i never miss a chance to see him regardless of what else is on. But even for non GSP fans GSP still has an exciting and dangerous fight against alves and the card in general is stacked, No one is less hardcore for wanting to see it, regardless of what Affliction comes up with.


I would be surprised if it is Tito. In a recent interview he indicated he didn't manage to agree terms with Affliction.


I am a die hard fedor fan as well as gsp but the thing with fedor is sometimes people just get put in front of him for him to destroy.

Now gsp on the other hand has had to really bust his ass to get all his wins not that fedor hasnt and dont throw the Minotauro fight at me but if fedor fights tito its a sure win.Now gsp's fight will be a battle.

To solve the problem of what fight to watch,im just gonna set up two tv's side by side and watch both.