Affliction Day of Reckoning VIDEOS

Thanks man! Watching right now.

Badass thanks man. Found them on to. Good looking.

You the man brother, thanks!

you ROCK!

Thanks for that man i didn’t think i was gonna be able to catch the fight!

Just watched Fedor again…what a punch. Courtesy of Sherdog.

Every time I click on play, I’m redireced to some stupid poker site.


In case anyone is experiencing a similar problem, the fights are also on mmalinker, as stated above.

Does anyone have a good video of the replay?

Here ya go:

that was a hell of a punch by fedor, I thought he was gonna go down. From the first angle I just saw andrei jump for the knee then fall and had zero idea on what had happened. After the reply I was astonished.

Outside that I didn’t care for much of the fights, kiril was probably the biggest disappointment, i was hoping he would really put the pain on someone.

Awesome, thanks.

No, this is Russia…

[quote]Junior__23 wrote:
No, this is Russia…


lmao. great pic.

faster links are up for most of the videos