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Affliction and Ed Hardy Tshirts


Who buys this shit anyways? They are god awful ugly as hell and people are spending $50-150 on a freaking t-shirt with gargoyles on it. I can understand if you are a real MMA fighter or something but the 150lb douchebag in my gym that is maxing out at 135 on his bench is still not scary with the skulls on his shirt. I will still beat his ass.


Hahahaha, I had my first experience with an Ed Hardy store just a couple weeks ago. I liked all the stuff... until I saw a price tag of $150! Then I noticed out of all the people in the store, there was only one person in the whole motherfucker with sleeves. Me!

Why would people want to get a bunch of tattoo clothing if they don't even have tattoos? Trends are weird.


people who wear affliction and ed hardy buy it...

I'm wondering what kind of person gives a shit who buys it ... do the shirts make fun of you? Do they steal your girlfriend? Do they make you feel insecure when they enter a room?

Seriously, who gives a shit if some kid wears this shit? So he wants to project an image regardless if it's just an image or not why the hell do you care? Maybe you should let your balls drop and worry about your damn self than someone who wears designer clothes...

Jesus Tapdancing Christ


Stop acting like a hard ass and stop giving a shit what people wear to the gym. Does it really bother you that much that they chose to wear those brands?

I can't even imagine why you would even care what they wear. Do you even make progress when spending so much time on other peoples shirts?

This thread sucks ass.


I saw an Ed Hardy tie I liked last night. $12 at Macy's....does that make me uncool?

It's a trend. You can either follow, or not.


No that doesn't make you uncool...that fact that you dressed up like Dumbledorf for the premier of the newest Harry Potter movie does, however


Why do you guys care if he cares about this shit? This shit is about to get deep...

Seriously, this is GAL, this is for all the nonsense that doesn't go anywhere else. I started a thread about peeing in the shower.


why do you care if we care that he cares? (we can do this all day...ha)


WTF, why do you care that we care about him caring?

Quit being such a hypocrite!!11

edit: Polo. Quit stealing the shit from my head.


I just can't understand why anyone would buy a t-shirt or anything else for that matter for 100+ dollars. I see people out in clubs all the time that wear this shit. What I can't help wondering is why would someone so foolishly spend money on this shit. Are people that insecure with themselves they need to decorate themselves with clothes they pretend they can afford?

Sure they might have lots of disposable income from living at home with mommy or daddy. But seriously would that money not be better spent like on a muscle car with a huge engine. Or I see people that wear these labels and I know for a fact they are not well off people. They buy 300$ glasses and go to clubs and reserve tables and get grey goose bottle service.

When there day job is working just above fast food level of jobs. After this club night they are broke and can't really do much accept save for the next round 1 or 2 months away. I know I am ranting about this but what happened to sensibility?


Polo and Stuntman - I told you shit was about to get deep!


You are a man of great insight and wisdom...


Because we live in a "baller or bust" society.


Doesn't he die though?

Why the fuck would you dress up like the dead dude man, come on? At least dress up like the ugly little red head.


I actually can't pee in the shower. My release trigger just won't fire.


Yea but doesn't the ugly little red head fuck Hermanie (or however you spell her name)?


All the more reason to dress up like him, rather than the old man with old balls that won't ever get any ass...


I never understood the need to pay that much for a shirt, but it's just a status symbol. I could care less what others wear. I think it's dumb to spend the money on the shirt, the way they probably think it's dumb to pay for supplements




I can't pee in public bathrooms with someone next to me. Even if there is a divider in between us. It can make for some awkward situations. I even have trouble sometimes if someone is in one of the stalls. Sometimes I just pretend to pee and leave.