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Affecting Testosterone

I wanted to put up a list of things that naturally affect Testosterone levels for everyone to add to, take away from, or merely comment on. As many of us are always looking for ways to maximize our gains, I felt that this would be a useful list to compile and to have as part of our files.

Things That Naturally Decrease Testosterone


2)Stress (which increases Cortisol)

3)Decreased Sleep

Things That Naturally Increase Testosterone

1)Keeping dietary fat intake greater than 20% of total calories

2)Multiple Sets, in a rep range of 8-12 (this certainly can, and should, be debated), working large muscle groups with heavy weights and with compound movements. (With that being said, I really think whatever lifting protocol we ascribe to, it all boils down to that elusive pricipal known as intensity).

Additions, subtractions and/or comments?

heavy sigh I guess I should add alcohol to the “Things that Decrease Testosterone” right? BUT, you’re really saying “naturally decreases” - so we really can’t add the stuff we ingest - correct?

S-o-y is bad for T-Levels, but is this in the same vein as Patricia’s posting (About the alcohol?)…

But just as you note that training intensity can increase T-level, too much (overtraining)can decrease T-level

Pussy increases T. No joke. Also seeing your team win. Keeping your bodyfat low will also increase T.

I’d say the most important thing of all…more important than diet, training volume, sleep patterns, stress etc. is feeling good about yourself and having a sense of accomplishment regarding things such as career, sports participation, relationships, etc.

Nice input on that one Kelly. You don’t hear that one too often but it is so very true.
On another note:
10 years ago I would have never thought that dietary fat intake should be so high (above 20%). But now I clearly see the value of taking in proper fats (poly/mono) and what it can do for our t-levels and bringing our body fat levels down. Dan Duschane was one of the first to bring this to light. I’m so glad others (Berardi) have continued to research and progress in this area. Eat your fat to get lean!!!