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Affect Performance?


I never really felt I couldn't give a good performance on bench if I am doing it the day after back (with heavy barbell row). It seems that even I feel alright my log tell me otherwise. I just wanted to hear your experience.


Yea some people say the same thing. Your lats, traps etc., are very important for good stabilization and explosive power on the bench....I prefer to train beck the day after chest.



if i do chest the day after back everything feels a little heavier then if i did chest first



a strong back is vital for maximum bench poundages



if my training schedule happens to overlap and I get to do chest again after doing squats or deads the day before, I can't plant myself into the bench worth a damn.


x5 Although for the past few months or so I have been doing some upperback work in between pressing exercises to no cost to my pressing strength. That is still much different than the day after weirdly enough. I'd never do pressing the day after heavy back work.


has your strength gone up?