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AF Korea Deployment

People have been telling me volunteering for Korea is one of the best ways to get deployed ASAP.

Im on the fence, dont know much about the resources in that area. Figure my 1st deployment is when I want to do my 1st cycle.

As far as Korean bases, I’d assume some of their benefits would be:

-Cheap rehabilitation services like: acupuncture,chiropractic, deep tissue massage.

-Good area to learn martial arts

I’m thinking NOT Germany, heard they have really strict supplement laws.

Anyone care to chime in on how Korean bases vary for Air Force Guys…

And or, maybe what are some good deployment bases for bodybuilding enthusiasts.


I didn’t think Air Force guys even lifted.

Yeah, absolutely no AF guys lift.

First off, Korea and Germany are not deployments. They are TDY’s or perminent duty stations. Unless you are going to Iraq or AFG, this is not a “deployment” (serious AF identity crisis).

All AF bases (all Military bases) have fitness centers/gyms stocked with enough equipment to keep you busy for the time that you are there. Larger bases have multiple gyms and at least one of them is a 24hr. It shouldn’t be too hard to maintain the gym lifestyle. I would advise being very cautious about gear use OCONUS.



Thanks for the input. Sorry about the late response.

MOST AF guys dont lift, its embarrassing!

I can understand skepticism about my post, given I dont even have an avatar, Im just too busy lifting, working and eating to put a pic up,lol.

I should’ve just said going “overseas”, instead of “deployment”. I didnt mean to come off as a douchebag, whoops

Im mostly concerned about the gear availability within areas, I understand to be very cautious about possible usage. A gym w/ great equip/schedule is a , I can make it work with the bare minimum gym equip is not a concern,
I think ive been putting quality work, time and effort to legitimately take it to the next level with gear.

With Germany supposedly having such strict supplement laws ALONE, I think that warrants a valid concern, right?

Can’t speak to the availability of gear in Korea, but I would research the laws there. As for the military, they won’t test for gear unless it is a clear cut case - usually after they have caught you in possession and want another charge to pile on. I knew quite a few guys who juiced on active duty and never got caught. Only guy I saw get busted was due to possession - and he was clean, just holding for someone else.

The piss test you get periodically is just for recreational drugs. Testing for anabolics is quite a bit more expensive.

Boat is 100% correct. Possession is the big killer. I know a couple of guys that got busted for having gear (1 dude left a wall locker unsecure and got pinched in a weekly inspection, the other was coming across the border from the Pharmacia and got pinched by Customs). Both I considered careless/stupid. They were both skinny dudes too. The type that would never even be whispered about.

While I wouldn’t say use is widespread, it isn’t exactly strongly discouraged either. Most guys (and gals) that I found out used, I wouldn’t have suspected. I had a young Lcpl that was 5’11" and weighed 285lbs. with a 34in waist. The dude made a Creighton Charlie shirt skintight in the sleeves!! Even our 1stSgt would laugh. But no one had the balls to openly accuse the dude. He was the centerpiece of every dog and pony show event because he “Looked” the part of a badass Marine that recruiting posters glorified. Never in his 8 years of service was he called out on it. He’s out now and owns three 24Hr franchise gyms (works out at a PW gym, lol).

Point is that you have to be smart about it. Keep the shit on the DL and keep your F’ing mouth shut. Too often, young guys just talk about it too openly. You can and will get torched for the shit and all manner of UCMJ thrown at you! Overseas, myself, I’d stay away from useage. Stay natty and if you are dead-set on running gear, do it when you get back CONUS. It ain’t worth the trouble if shit goes bad!

And yes, it is embarrassing the low amount of AF folks that spend QUALITY time in the gym. But there are a few. Most of them start out in another branch of the Armed Forces before coming over to the Air Force;)