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Aeseptic Drawing Techniques

First of all T Nation I would like to apologize for not finishing my summer cycle log, it ended up being quite the busy summer/fall with finishing my senior year of football and the birth of my daughter. The both of those have been a handful. Anyway I am back and about tho get after it again.

I have a question about this aeseptic drawing technique. Many of you may have heard about a certain place going under recently and I have found a reputable individual whos products need this technique to be done to either transfer the product or use it directly. Does anybody have any knowledge about this style of use?

The way I would do it is get a sterile vial, 30+ mL sterile syringe with luer lock, and 18g needles. Clean the pouch and transfer the contents to the vial.

I hadn’t even thought of doing it that way. I think I will try doing it that way. I appreciate the feedback