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Aeromom May be Back...

Hi everyone,

just checked in and you all just blow me away. Your strength and dedication puts me to shame!
I did graduate and start a Ph.D. program. I work in a deep sea marine ecology lab and have been out to sea twice. You should see me exercise on a ship!
So I will be featured on a science website in the winter, lots of pictures were taken of me, after not training for a year. Of course!
So with all this going on, I let my instructor certs lapse and stopped going to the gym.
I just signed up for the university gym, and I may be getting back to it.
Of course, I need advice from you… I am starting back at the beginning.

Just stopping in to say hi. Glad to hear you’ve decided to get back into things!


Advice toward what goals?

I want to do classic power lifts with some modifications. I have an old ankle injury with decreased ROM, so I have trouble with squats and DLs.
I want to increase my pathetic BB flat bench (65 lbs), my BB row (maybe 65), BB military press (no clue) get a good hack squat and plate loaded squat press, and a SLDL or Romanian.
I want to get an unassisted pull up.
Thanks ladies

I feel you on the ankle problem - same here. Do you do any mobility work for it? I have a wobble board for mine although I guess standing on one leg on the deck of a ship would have much the same effect.

Re: your goals - you’re not quite starting again. Even after a year, muscle memory should be sufficient to get you back to your previous form far quicker than someone starting from scratch. Starting Strength could be a good programme for you depending on the equipment you have available (not to mention coaching - getting your form down is pretty much the most important thing to begin with).

thanks Cal! I’ve read SS. Sold me on powerlifts.
Today I went to a very crowded Temple University gym.

ran 1 mile on track to warm up

They only had a linear leg press, whatever.
2 X 5 @ 50 on sled
1 X 5 @ 90
2 X 5 @ 140.

2 X 5 bar
3 X 5 @ 55.

felt good to put something up, even a measly 55.
That’s all I had time for as I had to be pretty assertive to get a bench as it was.
No trainers around, but some of my students raised an eyebrow.