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Aerobics and Gains

G’day guys, I plan on running 500mg Test Cyp a week for 10 weeks and do four weeks of T-bol at the start at 30mg a day.

Im 6 4 and about 218 at 15% bf.
I cycle to work each day as well as lift four days a week.

When I cycle to work my heart rate would easily get above 80% of my max as I cycle at a good rate.
Its a 22 mile round trip to work so I do about 110 miles a week (it takes me about 40 minutes each way depending on traffic) .

I hope to gain a good 10 pounds after my PCT, but is this possible? Will too much cardio reduce my gains?


What do you hope to gain from using AAS? At 6’4 218 you certainly don’t need them to get bigger and the endurance activities would mitigate a large part of the potential effect.

Ive been training for ten years and have put on 40 odd pounds in that time.
My gains have all but stopped now so i thought I’d go down the chemical route.
The buzz i got initailly from training when i was gaining weight and getting stronger was awesome.
I’d like to have that again (if only for a breif period).
Also to hit the magic 100 kilo at my height has always been a long term goal.

way too much cardio to get good gains