Aerobic & Strength Training?

I’m pretty convinced that to achieve maximal strength the key is to get in as much “quality work” as possible without necessarily just working to fatigue yourself. Is the same true for “cardio” or does it make sense to simply go all out here? Zeb something interesting regarding crossfit where he said something like: “Anybody can make a workout that will make you puke. That doesn’t mean it’s effective though”.

Could anyone enlighten me about the adaptations in response to different kinds of ‘effort’ involved in aerobic and anaerobic training. Is it better to do as many burpees as you can in 10 minutes or just do sets of 10 while staying as fresh as possible? Better to run several 400m sprints with rest or 1 all out mile?

See my “Cardio Confusion” article; it sheds some light on this issue.

Great article. Couldn’t quite find the part that addressed my question though.