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Aerobic - Alactic Sports

Hi Christian,

I’m testing an offseason soccer phase. Soccer could be an aerobic-alactic sport because overall ratio of high to low intensity work equates to a 2-4s sprint every 90 seconds.

I start with a first block of accumulation aiming structural balance.
When the athlete approaches the competitive season, the strength and power has to be at its peak, hence finishing the off-season with a wave loading rep scheme and with the metabolic-end of the anaerobic lactic system.

Let me know if I’m right:

I learnt the weight training starts with the most extensive phase prioritizing volume and metabolic components, the energy system prescription exhibits its highest level of intensity and the least amount of volume and as the training progresses.

But in case to be more specific to this aerobic-alactic according to a 2-4s sprint every 90 seconds, Could I train aerobic power before anaerobic alactic and anaerobic lactic energy system in this accumulation 1 block?

A protocol would be 2 minutes at 100% VO2max
1 minute recovery period
6-12 sets per session
2-3 times per week

The split is:

Mon Upper 1
Tue Lower 1
Wed off
Thu Upper 2
Fri Lower 2
Sat off
Sun off

I’d really appreciate some help on this topic. Thanks