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Aero51's Diet Log


I am making a second log for my food and diet. I want to separate this from my lifting log as I can easily become disorganized. Ideally I need to be 30lbs thinner. Right now I have been stuck at 260lbs for the last year despite gaining significant strength and incorporating cardio. I am not doing this to do any bodybuilding or physique competitions. My main goal is to get healthier - ever since taking a bout of poorly prescribed sleep medications I gained weight, lost a lot of confidence, and became a much less healthier person. I feel tired all the time, my sleep apnea is getting worse, even though I look strong I also look overweight too, I also think being overweight is negatively affecting my dating life. Ill admit, I have no idea how to train for weight loss. I have done german volume training and enjoyed it (as masochistic as that sounds), but there is a great deal of conflicting information on the web. So starting at the submission of this log I am going to get back into the shape I was in before taking those damn medications and Im going to mail a big fuck you to those doctors. Cheers!

Im following these two articles to modify training:


Yesterday (2/22/16) was not a great day:

Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: Falafel with chicken, tomatoes, cucumber sauce, lettuce, and other veggies
Snack: lunchable
Pre dinner snack (I made too much food and couldn’t cook it all): pees, ham, breakfast sausage
Dinner: spaghetti squash with alfredo sauce (just a little bit), ham, pees, and sun dried tomatoes.
Snack: goat cheese chocolate (I saw a small pack and wanted to try it…it tastes…interesting)

It doesn’t help that it is a pain in the ass to count calories when you make your own food. Today will have to be better, that is all.


(will update again at the end of the night)

  1. eggs with sausage, bacon and swiss cheese (1 cup) = 240 (3eggs) + 90 (2.25 sausages) + 267 (1.75 oz of bacon) + 50 (slice of cheese) = 643

Morning Snack:
2) Apple, green tea (no sugar) = 80 calories


  1. Chicken Bacon Flatbread Sandwich = 600 calories
  2. Pickle = 4
    3)Broccoli and Carrots (1 cup) = 50 calories

For some reason I was getting really strong craving around 2:30 this afternoon

  1. Cheese-Its = 200 calories
  2. Pistacio Nuts (1oz) = 159 calories

Spaghetti squash with alfredo, ham, peas, and sun dried tomatoes (2 cups) = 62 + 100 + 100 + 120 = 380 cals

Half a cup of leftover breakfast = 320 cals

Status at 4:34pm = still hungry. Calories eaten = 643+80+600+4+50+200+159 = 1736.
That is a lot of calories already, I find it strange that I still don’t feel full. According to the first article and based on my bodyweight (260lbs) I should be eating 3900 calories a day. I don’t think I could eat that now even if I wanted too.

At 11pm, estimated daily calories is
1736 + 320 + 380 = 2436

After 11 I had a small snack of leftover peas and ham. About 1 cup of peas and a few slices of ham. This adds another 120+100 = 220 calories to my daily intake.