Does anyone else out there get harassed by advocare peddlers everyday at the gym? I am really getting sick and tired of hearing about how spark will give me an insane workout, and how I will never reach my max potential without their shit.

ha i actually used to sell it, although i didnt really harass anyone. I sold it back in 2000, and in all honesty, back then I truly believe they were the best supplements on the market. Unfortunately they have shifted their focus to weight loss, skin care, children’s products, and general health supplements.

I think a lot of pro athletes still take it, but that isn’t say much since they are very restricted on the supps that they can legally take. Spark is an amazing product, but I would say spike is probably better. Of course Spike is new and spark has been around for about 8 years so you have to give props. good luck getting them to stop harassing you!