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advocare use and comments

I have a friend whose dad sells advocare products and he swears by them, but i am hesitant to go on his word because he makes profit off of the selling. My question is has anyone out there used these supps before and if so did you get good results. The stuff is kind of expensive and i don’t want to waste a bunch of money on it with out hearing about other people thoughts. Thanks for the input.

Here’s a review:

Advocare fat loss supps: good but mostly basic ECA stacks with vitamins thrown in. Overpriced, old school products. Packs contained one fish oil cap a day, making me wonder how little the company knows about such things (as 15 per day is a better number to use.)

Athletic/Bodybuilding supps: outdated, overpriced. Often containing ingredients that we now know are worthless.

General health supps (fish oil, vitamins, fiber): good quality but way overpriced.

Protein powders and food bars: questionable quality, overpriced, bad taste. (The only time I’ve ever spit a protein bar out and rinsed my mouth with water was with an Advocare product.)

Overall, their stuff is okay but overpriced since it’s a multi-level marketing company and sellers want you to sign up to get a better deal and so they can get a kickback. Your friend will probably ask you to pay a distributor fee eventually and start selling soon, as is typical with these types of multi-level marketing plans. Most of the products are geared towards the older, housewife market. They did have a great probiotic supplement at one time called Restore that I really liked, but I can get the same thing at GNC or online for half the price.

From what i have heard, you can make some pretty good money selling this stuff and basically you are getting all of your supps for free. Some of the products due seem outdated, like their pos 5 which has HMB in it and retails for like $55 a bottle.