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Advocare Spark and Bloodsugar

Ok, so I have just started using Advocare’s Spark, a product which
claims to aid focus during the day. This product advertises itself as “sugar free”, yet it contains 11 carbs per serving-- with the primary ingredient being maltodextrin.

I am currently bulking and my concern is the affect this product may have on my blood sugar (and resulting fat storage in a hypocaloric state). I know maltodextrin absorbed quickly, so would this likely lead to a detrimental affect on insulin?


maltodextrin is a complex carb that digests faster than most sugars much like the inside of a white potato. it has a gi of about 105

I’d ditch the whole advocare line, they just seem shady to me.

I remember when a trainer at work was trying to peddle that crap, couldn’t help but shake my head.

The advocare product line, i believe to have both pros and cons, however, they were way ahead on the fish oil craze, maybe 10 years before Berardi started talking about it. They at least have a decent research team od scientists.