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Advise with Powerlifting Basics

I have decided for my next program to go with a basic powerlifting format and train each of the big 3 on a different day of the week ie Saturday = Deadlifts Tuesday = Bench Thursday = Squats my question is as I’m not really sure what my weak parts of the lifts are what would a good basic assistance exercise/lift be for each of the big 3 as a starting point ?

You could just do the big 3 as your accessory movements as well, after you’ve worked up to your top set that day. Very similar to Wendler’s Boring But Big template. If you’re on the greener side of powerlifting this may be a better idea anyways, both because you’re probably weak everywhere and you’ll want to maximize how much practice you get with the competition lifts.

But if you’re looking to have some variety, here’s a rough outline:

For Bench - Primary movers are tris, chest, delts and lats. On your bench day maybe something like this:

A1 - Bench Press
B1 - Pecs/Strength off the chest - Illegal Wides, Cambered Bar Bench Press, Paused Bench and DB Presses are all great here.
C1 - Tris - CG Bench Press, JM Press, Tate Press, Extensions of all kind.
D1 - Lats - Rowing or chin-up variations. DB Rows/Kroc Rows are great.
D2 - Rear Delts - Seated DB Power Cleans, Reverse Flyes, Band Pull-Aparts.

For Squat/DL - Same primary movers here, so the assistance work can be similar on each day. Want to be focusing on your posterior chain (Glutes/Hams/Lower Back/Hips) and your core, along with the quads.

A1 - Squat or DL
B1 - Posterior Chain - Good mornings and Romanian Deadlifts are awesome here. Glute Ham Raises are also very good – you can do them on a lat machine if your gym doesn’t have one. 45-Degree Hyperextensions (for lower back), leg curls (for hamstrings) or barbell hip thrusts (glutes/hips) are a little less taxing if you’re looking to hit one specific part of the posterior chain.
C1 - Core (Abs/obliques/erectors) - Hanging Leg Raises, Front Squat Holds, and Side Bends are my favorite. Can also try fallouts or rollouts, standing sit-ups, and weighted eagle sit ups.
D1 - Quads - Bulgarian Split Squats (DB or BB), Lunge variations (especially reverse barbell lunges), and Leg Presses are all great here.

The above is quite a bit of assistance work for one day, and it’s best to limit the training session to about 45-55 minutes if possible. Don’t be afraid to start off by adding one or two assistance exercises at first and adding more assistance exercises as your work capacity increases.

This… http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/matt_rhodes_531_hybrid
5/3/1 ‘periodization bible’ template

Thanks for tips and the link very helpful :slight_smile:

This… http://tnation.T-Nation.com/...odes_531_hybrid
5/3/1 ‘periodization bible’ template

Nice, I’m doing alot of russian type volume stuff, focusing on one lift at a time, since I just came back from a layoff, but my lifts are just about back to full pop, and i’ve been looking for somthing to jump on to work all lifts at the same time, while peaking for a mock meet to see where I’m at. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thanks badger

I would stick to a basic cookie-cutter program like 5/3/1 or some variation of 5x5.