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Advise - Too Much?


Hey guys new here, been reading for awhile. Stats 6ft 250 49yrs Have been powerlifting for 18 months. I have been running 500 cyp off and on. Getting ready for meet in Feb Was thinking of running next 10-12 weeks 600cyp and 250 deca, Is this ok not so much? Also i have got some winny should i add it in and how much? Thanks


Where did you get the idea that Winstrol for powerlifting is a good idea?


I would say either a gram of test 12 weeks out or 750mg test and 250 deca. Winny is cool but not good before a meet -- can dry out your joints hard.


What would you use the winny for? and when?


Should you maybe have figured this out before you bought it?


Ha i know what and why, i was just wondering the reasoning. I was wondering what people are using and what is working for them.