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Advise on How to Run What I Have


stats 5.8â?? 175 11% 29yrs old
Alright I have a gotten my hands on a few products. I have in my possession 2 10ml 200mg EQ, and 1 10ml 250 cyp and 5 weeeks worth of winny at 50mg ed. I also have some clen which I have already written out a cycle before on that and it has served me well in the past.

I want to runny a cutting cycle with the products I have. I was thinking Eq 200mg week 10 weeks, test cyp. 100mg week 10 wks, and throwing the winny in week 8 and running it till weeks 13. Have armidex on hand as wellas nolv for post. The clen I will run off and on throughout the entire duration off and on based on the program I have laid out.

I know cyp isnâ??t generally a cutting A.S and Eq take several weeks to even work but it what I have and I only by face to face so this is what I have to work with. Please feel free to advise but bare in mind the fact that I am trying to make the cycle with what I have not what I should have.


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
You are 175lbs @5’ 8", 11% and you want to run a cutting cycle?

Please explain yourself.


10-11% is often estimated when 14-16% is probably more realistic.